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Q How much time does an online course require?

A For each credit hour you're taking, plan to spend at least 2 extra hours a week. So if you are taking a 3 hour course, for example, you would need to allow approximately 9 extra hours per week.

Q Can I start a course at any time?

A Courses generally follow the standard academic calendar and begin in fall, spring, and summer. Please check the academic calendar for specific dates.

Q What programs are available on-line at UNO?

UNO's current online programs are located here. New programs and courses continue to be added; so check back with us.

Q I'm not a resident of the state of Nebraska. Will I have to pay out-of-state tuition?

A You will be assessed Non-resident Distance Education Tuition. This Tuition varies by the program that you are enrolled in.

Q Do I have to physically visit the UNO campus to complete my degree?

A Some programs require occasional seminars to be held on the campus, but this is not a requirement of all programs. Please consult your advisor for more information.

Q Do I have to be an experienced computer user to take an on-line course?

A You should have basic computer skills in word processing, navigating the Internet, and sending and receiving e-mail.

Q Do I need to enroll for a degree program or can I just take a course?

A Students can enroll at UNO in a degree program or just take one course if they wish.

Q What is myBlackboard?

A MyBlackboard refers to UNO's online course delivery system. This software allows you to view your course from the web and review the course syllabus, interact in class discussion, take exams, and correspond with your instructor and classmates.

Q Are the credits that I earn on-line with UNO transferable to other colleges?

A UNO is regionally accredited by North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

Q How do I know if courses from my previous school will transfer to UNO?

A Course transfer policies differ from program to program. You need to contact an advisor in the program you are interested in to discuss your transfer credit.

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