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Missouri Valley History Conference

In and around Omaha

What's the weather like in Omaha?

     National Weather Service: click on Omaha in the middle

Where can I eat/shop within walking distance?

     The Old Market: Omaha's Arts & Entertainment District
     ( )

     I'd especially point out Jackson Street Books, an excellent, STUFFED used-book store that's not far at all from the hotel.
     (Making it easy to lug back those rare tomes you just couldn't pass up...)

Where can I get some exercise?

     The hotel actually has a weight/exercise room and a pool, but if the weather's cooperative,
     you might also take a stroll through the lovely parks nearby ...

     ConAgra Park
     ( )

     The Gene Leahy Mall
     ( )

     Bob Kerry Pedestrian Bridge over the Missouri River
     ( )

If you have a car, you could also visit:

     Fontenelle Forest
     ( )
     There are trails for walking, weather permitting,

What about museums or historical sites?

     We have several in and around the area, and two can be reached by walking (although the Joslyn would be a long walk).

     Durham Western Heritage Museum (with trains!)
     ( )

     Joslyn Art Museum
     ( )

If you have a car available, you might also consider:

     El Museo Latino (Omaha)
     ( )

     Great Plains Black History Museum (Omaha)
     ( )

     Mormon Trail Center (Omaha)
     ( )

     Union Pacific Railroad Museum (Council Bluffs, IA)
     ( )

     Historic Dodge House (Council Bluffs, IA)
     ( )

     Strategic Air and Space Museum (Exit #426, I-80 West)
     ( )
     This a good 30-40 minutes away, down I-80 south towards Lincoln, but if you're into planes, it's worth the trip.

     Nebraska State Historical Society & Nebraska History Museum (Lincoln)
     ( & )
     One of our partners, the NSHS is located in Lincoln, about an hour's drive southwest down I-80,
      but a valuable research facility for those doing midwestern history, and the museum is worth a look-see.

     Danish Immigrant Museum (Elk Horn, IA, Exit #54, I-80 East)
     ( )
     This is a bit of a drive into Iowa, but if you happen to be coming to Omaha via I-80 through Iowa, look for it.

  There are also a number of historical sites, old houses, and other points of interest. You can find them here:

     Omaha Attractions
     ( )

     The NSHS site listed above also has a list of points of historical interest ALL around Nebraska.

If my kids are along, is there anything to entertain them (besides the fish in the hotel ponds)?

     I have yet to meet a kid who doesn't like the goldfish in the Embassy Suites indoor ponds. I like them myself! :-)

     But when kids tire of the fish and the hotel pool ... Omaha has both a Children's Museum
     and a great zoo! (Adults enjoy the zoo, as well.)   Additionally, the Western Heritage linked
     above has plenty for kids to do, and the Leahy Mall has a BIG slide.

     Omaha Children's Museum
     ( )
     This isn't too far from the hotel, but with little ones, it might be a long walk, see if you can take the hotel shuttle.

     Henry Doorly Zoo
     ( )
     Omaha really does have a fantastic zoo for a town of its size.
     Old or young, if you've got an extra day in Omaha, it's worth seeing.