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Missouri Valley History Conference
Winners of the Best Graduate and Undergraduate Paper Awards

Best Graduate Papers


"Is This Any Way for Nice Jewish Boys to Behave?" Radicalism, Conformation, and New Ethnic Struggles in 1960s America" Richard G. Moss, Purdue University


“‘Now Sir, Help Yourself’: Duels, Poltroons, Coxcombs, and the Lies that Made the Masculine Side of Politics in the Antebellum South” Joseph Boyd, South Florida University

“‘Let him be as blond as Hitler:’ The use of Das Schwarze Korps as Propaganda for Eugenics”
Amy Carney, Florida State University


"King Billy in the New World: Nationalism and Orangeism in New York and Toronto, 1860-1871"
Alison O’Mahen Malcom, University of Illinois at Chicago

"Consumers for the Nation: The State, Women, and Modernization in France, 1945-1968"
Rebecca Pulju, University of Iowa


"Daley Finally Declares War: How Chicago Juvenile Street Gangs Caught the Mayor's Attention"
Matthew Popovich, University of Illinois at Chicago


"Shortages, the Family, and "Undesirables" in Vichy France" Shannon Fogg, University of Iowa

"Deserting the Charleston Waterfront in the 1740s" Craig Marin, University of Pittsburgh


"The Arad-Sibitti Kudurru: Kin Groups and Land Alienation in Babylonia in the 10th century B.C."
John Nielsen, University of Chicago


Best Undergraduate Papers


"Widows and Widowhood in Tula, 1780-1800" Lindsey Martin, Grinnell College

""War on the Home-Front: A Question of Loyalty Concerning the First World War in New Ulm, Minnesota" Amanda Schlumpberger, Waldorf College (Below Amand Schlumpberger receives award from Dr. Moshe Gershovich.)