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Auditions and Scholarships

2014-2015 Ensemble Auditions

Auditions for ensembles are held the week before classes begin in the fall and are by appointment. The requirements for ensemble auditions are posted on the Department of Music website by July. Excerpts are available for download, and audition requirements for each instrument and ensemble are listed. Ensemble auditions are open to all UNO students, regardless of major. For more information, contact Shellie Harden at, or call (402) 554-2177. All students who wish to participate in the auditioned ensembles must perform an ensemble audition each year. Non-auditioned ensembles are available in the band and choral areas. To schedule an audition for admission as a music major and for a music scholarship, contact Shellie Harden at, or call (402) 554-2177.

Admission and Scholarship Auditions

The UNO Department of Music has two types of auditions. All prospective music majors must audition on their major instrument in order to be a music major, in education or performance. Ideally, these auditions take place in the fall or spring semester for students who will matriculate in the following fall semester. Students who plan on starting spring semester should perform their audition during the preceding fall semester. For these auditions, two pieces of contrasting musical styles or periods are required to be performed for two or more UNO faculty members. For more information or to schedule an admittance audition contact Shellie Harden at, or call Shellie at 402-554-2177. Alternate dates are available.

2015-2016 Instrumental Audition Dates

Dates have yet to be determined, please check back later.

For Percussion Auditions, please prepare your audition using the attached Percussion Audition Requirements

For Brass and Woodwind Auditions, prepare two solo pieces of contrasting style or from 2 different musical periods. The audition committee may also ask for all major and minor scales and sight reading.

For electric guitar, electric bass and jazz piano auditions, please prepare your audition using the attached document Requirements for Jazz Guitar, Jazz Bass and Jazz Piano

2015-2016 Piano Audition Date

Dates have yet to be determined, please check back later.

Prepare two pieces of contrasting style or of different musical periods. You may play two contrasting movements of the same work.

2015-2016 Vocal Audition Dates

Dates have yet to be determined, please check back later.

Please contact Shellie Harden at to schedule an audition for one of these dates, or to schedule an alternative date. For Vocal Auditions, please prepare your audition following the attached Voice Audition Guidelines, and be sure to send copies of your music two weeks in advance of your audition as directed in the guidelines. Music can be emailed to or mailed to:
Shellie Harden
Department of Music
University of Nebraska at Omaha
6001 Dodge Street
Omaha, NE 68182-0245


Music scholarships are awarded based on an audition process which includes an audition, recommendations, previous music experience or honors, and major area of performance. Awards range from $500 to $7000 annually and are awarded for a four year period. Student musicians who participate in athletic bands can also receive scholarships through the University Bands Scholarship program, which awards scholarships to all Marching Mavs and Mav Horns members. If you are interested in Marching Band, fill out the Marching Band Scholarship Form. Scholarships are also awarded on a competative basis to Symphonic Wind Ensemble and Jazz Ensemble members. The University Bands Scholarships are awarded in addition to music, academic, or other awards received.

Students who want to apply for a music scholarship need to submit a Music Scholarship Application with two letters of recommendation, and perform an audition. The deadline for scholarship applications is March 1 of each year, and the deadline for auditions is March 1 for scholarships awarded the following academic year. Auditions are scheduled on an individual basis, and should be scheduled as early as possible. Most instruments are scheduled to audition on Monday afternoons, but not all. Due to the teaching commitments of our faculty, audition days and times may not be flexible. For your audition, prepare two pieces of contrasting style or musical period. Pieces performed in a solo-ensemble contest are usually suitable, and your band, choir, orchestra or private teacher should be able to help you with ideas. Your scholarship audition will also count as your admittance audition, but you will be required to schedule an ensemble audition in the fall before classes start in order to be placed in an ensemble. All of our students perform an ensemble audition each year.