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Music Technology

In response to the emergence of technology in almost every aspect of the musical arts, the UNO Department of Music offers courses in Audio Recording, Digital Synthesis, a Capstone Music Technology course, and general Music Technology Courses.  Classes are taught at the Strauss Performing Arts Center, home of the UNO Department of Music Recording Studio and MIDI lab.  Courses are also taught in the Digital Synthesis and Multimedia Labs at the Peter Kiewit Institute, home of the University of Nebraska at Omaha College of Information Science and Technology and College of Engineering. 

Undergraduate Music Majors who would like to pursue serious study of Music Technology may elect the Music Technology Concentration.  The Music Technology Concentration combines the rigorous training of a traditional university music program, a practical hands-on approach through real-life opportunities, and a digital audio curriculum that combines platform-independent core competencies with emerging technologies and aesthetics.  The program instills the musical sensibilities of a classically-trained musician and the technical savvy of a Digital Audio Specialist.  Most importantly, the program’s broad preparation and multi-disciplinary outlook prepares students to adapt to the ongoing technological transformation of the music profession and the creative arts.  To learn more about our Music Technology Program, visit our Music Technology website.

For more information, please contact:
Jeremy Baguyos
Assistant Professor, Music Technology

For more information about music technology at the UNO Department of Music, or about our various programs, contact Shellie Harden at 402-554-2177 or email to