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Master of Public Administration

healthcare administration concentration - mpa degree plan.

Advisor: Bryce Hoflund

Thirteen courses (39 graduate credit hours) are required for the MPA degree. Students complete the program by first taking the beginning core courses, then taking specialization courses. As students complete their concentration courses, they complete the ending core courses.

Note: Click on a course name to view a sample syllabi, if available. Please note that these syllabi are generic and should not be considered the final syllabi for any specific term or section of this course. Contact the instructor with any questions.

Beginning Core


Ending Core


Required courses (completed through UNMC)

HRSA 810 U.S. Health Care Systems
HRSA 872 Health Care Finance
PA 8740 Health Care Policy

Elective courses (Choose any three)

PA 8730 Administration of Health Care Systems.
GERO 8516/PA 8516 Long Term Care Administration
GERO 8556/ HED 8556 Health Aspects of Aging
GERO 8476/ PSYCH 8476 Mental Health and Aging
GERO 8466 Aging and Human Behavior
GERO 8676 Programs and Services for the Aging
GERO 8356 Issues in Aging
GERO 8486 Comparative Gerontology
GERO 8506 Legal Aspects of Aging
GERO 8696/SOWK 8046 Working With Minority Elderly
GERO 8856/SOWK 8856 Hospice and Other Services for the Dying
GERO 8730/HED 8730 Dying, Death, and Grieving
GERO 8920 Special Studies in Gerontology
GERO 8970 Personal Values and Aging (1 cr)
GERO 8940 Practicum (3-6 cr)
GERO 9110/SOC 9110 Applied Social Gerontology
HED 8850 Health Aspects of Stress Management
HED 8700 Women’s Health Issues
HED 8600 Health Behavior
RLS 8426 Recreation Therapy: Intervention for the Aging
RLS 8246 Recreation Administration
HIS 8476 American Medicine and Public Health
PSYCH 8446 Abnormal Psychology (Prereq: PSYCH 1010)
PSYCH 8596 Psychology of Exceptional Children
PSM 806 Biostatistics
IPSM 820 Epidemiology: Theory and Applications
HRSA 802 Ethics in Health Care
HRSA 810 US Health Care Delivery System
PA 8990 Capstone Project (Students admitted Fall 2011 and beyond will complete the Capstone Project as an ending core course.)