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Office of Military and Veteran Services

Military Deployment/Activation/Extended TDY

The University of Nebraska at Omaha greatly appreciates the dedication of our many students who continue to serve on active duty, guard, or reserves while pursuing their education.  Your choice to serve should not negatively impact your academic progress at UNO.  If your military service leads to a deployment, activation, or extended TDY that impacts your UNO classes, we have a Deployed Student Program and military service policy to help and you may be eligible for accommodations. 

Military students are encouraged to review the official UNO military service deployment policy.

If you are going to be deployed, activated, or sent on TDY that will impact your classes, please contact the UNO Deployment Coordinator [ or (402) 595.2371] right away to discuss your options.  Depending on your unique situation, you may want to pursue a class withdrawal, an incomplete or other alternate class arrangements (at instructor’s discretion), or continue classes online.  We will need a copy of your orders to officially set up any of the options.  UNO can also help you get re-enrolled when you return from your military service, including setting up priority registration. 

UNO has put together a checklist tool to assist students in planning for what to do before, during, and after a deployment as it relates to your UNO classes.

Online Classes

Many military students choose to take classes online while they are deployed.  UNO has a wide variety of courses and entire degree programs available online and you can discuss those options with the Office of Military and Veteran Services or with your academic advisor, if you are interested. 

UNO faculty teaching online classes are typically very supportive of military students in their classes.  However, if you are taking online classes while deployed, we would like to connect with your faculty to make sure they are aware of the internet and schedule conflicts you may experience while attending from a deployed location.

Simply contact the UNO Deployment Coordinator [ or (402) 595.2371] if you will be taking online classes while deployed, activated, or on TDY and we will make sure the faculty are aware of your needs.

Deployment Policy Deployment Checklist