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MET Link: Metropolitan English Teachers Link

 Teaching Circles


Being an English/Language Arts teacher can be both exciting and frustrating. Although many districts have mentoring programs, MET Link offers monthly meetings for all interested English/Language Arts teachers. Our teaching circles mirror mentoring groups in that participants have informal discussions among colleagues in which they can generate and share ideas related to teaching, offer resolutions to problems and advise one another. We meet as a large group each semester and in smaller groups. Most groups choose to meet in a local coffee shop. Teaching Circles begin each fall and end in the late spring.

Our teaching circles provide:

• “Therapeutic guidance” which focuses on encouragement, developing a personal identity as a teacher, and developing coping strategies to deal with the stressors that are part of the day to day life of a teacher

• Ongoing development of content knowledge and pedagogical skills requisite to become a successful educator


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Please email Sarah Edwards to receive an application for our 2013-2014 Teaching Circle Program. The more the merrier!


For more information, contact Sarah Edwards at or call (402) 554-3468.


We can't do it all alone, but together we can do it all!