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Jake Guthmiller

June Employee of the Month: Jake Guthmiller

photo by Tim Fitzgerald

The campus PeopleSoft transition is going more smoothly thanks to the technical abilities of Jake Guthmiller, assistant manager with Student Affairs Information Systems (SIS). His assistance is giving co-workers much peace of mind during the challenging system switchover.

"Jake has been working on several department websites and functionality with PeopleSoft simultaneously," one individual wrote. "He switches gears on a moment's notice, and he does so with a very personable demeanor and smile. Working with him on the transition to PeopleSoft has made the project more bearable."

Responsible for assisting the SIS security administration, Guthmiller also manages web development and technical support for Student Affairs. In all, he provides support for more than 100 staff in Student Enrollment Services and Student Affairs.

With a lot of programming and web development tasks to attend to, one may become frazzled with all the responsibility. It is the opposite for Guthmiller, who enjoys the people he has the opportunity to work with.

"Jake has the ability to clearly explain technical issues to those of us without the technical background", another co-worker said. "He is extremely personable and professional."

Guthmiller has taken classes at UNO since 2004 and joined the university in 2007 as the network technology coordinator for Student Affairs. He was promoted to his current position in 2008.

Prior to working at UNO, Guthmiller worked as a computer sales representative and support technician at Best Buy. The skills gained there have been especially useful to him on campus.

"During my time there, I received a lot of customer experience, which has really helped with my interactions here at UNO," he said.

With an interest in information systems management, Guthmiller decided to apply for a position at UNO. The field's appeal continued to grow during his undergraduate studies on campus.

As Employee of the Month, Guthmiller is enjoying the reserved parking spot perk. He said it is a nice reward for a job well done.

Having a great group of co-workers makes working at UNO fun for Guthmiller, who appreciates his colleagues, even though they may play an occasional prank on him.

Besides working on computers, Guthmiller enjoys music and being a member of the UNO faculty/staff golf league.

(Pictured above: Guthmiller and UNO Chancellor John Christensen.)

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