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Erin Cron

December Employee of the Month: Erin Cron

photo by Tim Fitzgerald

Erin Cron, assistant director of Student Organizations and Leadership Programs (SOLP), radiates a contagious enthusiasm for UNO. Her boundless energy and devotion to the university and its student body led to her being named the December Employee of the Month.

"Erin has brought joy, excitement, professionalism and dedication to her position since the day she started," one individual wrote. "Her unwavering commitment has benefitted not only our office, but the most important reason that we are all here: our students."

Cron regularly meets with students about programming and leadership development, attends to details for upcoming programs and events, and collaborates with colleagues on a variety of projects.

As the adviser for Maverick Productions, the programming board for UNO, she works closely with programming, budget and leadership-related projects. Each semester, Maverick Productions offers more than a dozen activities and events.

She thrives in the fast-paced environment and enjoys assisting students. The personal level allows her to better meet the needs of each individual.

"It is a pleasure to work through many projects with them," Cron said. "Each student is unique and has so much to offer. Knowing them individually makes assisting them to find their fit on campus more effective."

Cron has been a member of the SOLP Office for more than six years. She began working as an adviser before being promoted to her current post as assistant director. Although she misses working with the student government agencies, she said starting a new leadership institute in the fall was very enjoyable, too.

An enthusiasm for student affairs transformed in Cron through her involvement in student life as an undergraduate student.

"I became inspired to work in student affairs professionally because of the great experience and role models I had as a student," she said. "Co-curricular programs are so important to the college experience, and I thoroughly enjoy working in the field."

Along with programming and leadership tasks, Cron values her time spent on the Safe Space/Ally Training, Durango Days and Welcome Week committees. The team efforts are dedicated to improving campus experiences for students, staff and faculty and are exciting for her due to the positive energy associated with each.

Cron enjoys a multitude of pastimes in her spare time, including reading, cooking, gardening, spending time with friends and family, and working out in the Health, Physical Education and Recreation Building. The Sioux City, Iowa, native also is a Hawkeye football enthusiast and a longtime penguin collector.

She counts summer leadership retreats with the programming board, planning the Jim Gaffigan comedy event and helping to get the Ally training started on campus among her favorite UNO experiences. Cron said she also had a great experience of completing her master's degree in counseling at UNO.

Being named Employee of the Month came as a great surprise to Cron, who said others also need to be recognized for the success of SOLP's many endeavors.

"Success is not a solo production," she said. "The great staff in SOLP and our student leaders all work together to create great programs and services for our students."

(Pictured above: Cron and UNO Chancellor John Christensen.)

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