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Michaela Myers

September Employee of the Month: Michaela Myers

photo by Tim Fitzgerald

Faculty, staff and students who stop by the Campus Security office for assistance are often greeted by Michaela Myers, clerical assistant III. Her ability to multitask and remain levelheaded, despite the situation, enables her to consistently provide top-notch customer service.

"Michaela has an excellent rapport with the campus community and co-workers," one nominator said. "She treats each customer as her highest priority to make sure they understand our parking rules and regulations. Michaela is very reliable and has a great positive attitude, making the front office a pleasant place for everyone to work."

In an office of 40 people, one might become frazzled with the busyness. Myers, however, enjoys the atmosphere. Of her many job responsibilities, she finds it especially rewarding to help students and families determine the best parking option. "We see students, faculty, staff, parents and visitors on a daily basis, whose needs are varied," she said. "There aren't many boring moments around Campus Security. We have a lot of fun while getting the work done."

In June of 2007, Myers joined Campus Security in a work-study capacity. She became a full-time employee after applying for an opening almost a year later. The ability to continue her education at UNO while doing a job she enjoys is an added perk. Each day is varied for Myers, who can be found reconciling the register, working on data entry, filing, identifying license plates and organizing parking appeals. She also assists co-workers with projects and helps customers at the counter and by phone with permit, ticket and general parking issues.

"I have always enjoyed working with people, and this is a great place to do that," she said. "Most of my previous work experience has involved some sort of customer service, whether it be doing inbound telemarketing at Cabela's, sales and customer service at Midwest Photo Co. or working retail at Parables."

Co-workers say she is well qualified for all her UNO position involves. In addition to completing her own tasks, Myers also lends a helping hand to student workers who come to her with questions or for advice. "Michaela knows her job and is willing to take on more responsibility as situations arise," another colleague said. "Being at the counter and being Becky's [Murphy] backup requires a lot of adaptability because you never know what is going to happen that day."

Myers said she relishes all that her Employee of the Month honor includes, from the personal recognition to the much-coveted primo reserved parking spot.

When she is not busy with classes and homework, she likes to spend her free time with family and attend her sons' sporting events. Reading and knitting are other favorite pastimes.

(Pictured above: Myers and UNO Chancellor John Christensen.)