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Cathy Bosiljevac

June Employee of the Month: Joseph Hrabak

photo by Tim Fitzgerald

Joseph Hrabak, assistant research systems manager with the College of Information Science and Technology (IS&T), provides consistent technical support to colleagues and ensures all PCs are running smoothly. His excellent customer service makes him popular with colleagues.

"Joseph was polite and very even-tempered, even with five to six different jobs suggested to him, and that was just in our office. He was kind to everyone and did not show any signs of stress or frustration," one individual wrote.

A longtime member of the campus community, Hrabak served as a student worker from the fall of 2001 to the spring of 2004 before starting his current duties in 2006. He also previously worked for PayPal and eBay. Hrabak is responsible for the information technology infrastructure for the College of IS&T, including all servers used for classes, coding and Web sites. He also manages student workers and provides support to the many faculty and staff members in the college.

Of all his tasks, Hrabak said he most enjoys system administrative work and building relationships with faculty members and other co-workers. His ability to work well with others is one reason he was named Employee of the Month.

"I was so impressed because, while Joseph was helping me, several other people asked questions or asked him to do things," a colleague said. "He was always kind and helpful. He went way above and beyond." Hrabak said he is honored to be recognized for his hard work and is happy to know he is appreciated.

Some hobbies Hrabak enjoys in his spare time include restoring old, straight razors and working with plants.

(Pictured above: Hrabak and UNO Chancellor John Christensen.)