Questions about the Structured Learning Assistance Program for Math 1310?

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Structured Learning Assistance (SLA) FAQs

  1. What is Structured Learning Assistance (SLA)?

    The Structured Learning Assistance (SLA) sections of Math 1310, Intermediate Algebra, are for students who have an ACT Math sub-score of 15-18, and who have scored 43 or better in Pre-Algebra on the COMPASS exam. The SLA leader designs and conducts the SLA workshops where students remove deficiencies while completing the Intermediate Algebra course requirements.

  2. Why are the extra workshops necessary?

    The SLA provides instruction for students whose placement scores formerly would have placed them in developmental courses not available at UNO. The students undergo diagnostic testing to determine the Basic Algebra Learning Modules required for them to complete Math 1310 successfully. Students will accomplish two goals in one semester: (1) learn the Basic Algebra skills that are needed for their general education course in mathematics, and (2) successfully complete Math 1310, Intermediate Algebra.

  3. What will I do in the lectures and workshops?

    The lecture for Math 1310, Intermediate Algebra meets one day a week. In the lecture, the SLA leader will cover important concepts, discuss study strategies and guide students through the work that will be done each week. Two SLA workshops also meet each week. Students work on their Basic Math Learning Modules during the workshops, and earn course points for their participation and achievement on the Learning Modules.

  4. Can I work at home on the Learning Modules?

    Yes, students may work at home, on-campus, or anywhere with an internet connection. However, the workshops are the best place to work on the Learning Modules, because students have the personal assistance of the SLA leader and peer tutors. The Math 1310 homework and quizzes cannot be done in these SLA workshops. Students can receive unlimited tutoring on their homework assignments in the UNO Math Lab, during their required three hours of Math 1310 lab work per week.

  5. What benefits does a Math 1310 Intermediate Algebra course supported by SLA offer?

    Students are able to remove math deficiencies and complete Math 1310, Intermediate Algebra, at the same time during one semester. Previously, students would take a developmental math course at the community college level to fulfill the prerequisite for Math 1310, Intermediate Algebra. Students do not have to pay tuition for another course. They only pay for Math 1310. Also, students do not need to travel to another university to fulfill their general education requirement.

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