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Department of Mathematics
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Vyacheslav Rykov

Student Research

C. Korzelius - SUNY Geneseo, Applying Algebraic Code Theory for Construction of Sequences, 2000.

C. Engelhart - SUNY Geneseo, Bounds for Reverse Complement Cyclic Codes, 2000.

T. Davis - SUNY Geneseo, The DNA Metrics and Bounds, 2000.

H. Larsen - SUNY Geneseo, Insertion Deletion DNA Codes, 2001.

K. Ramnath - Huntingdon College, A Technological Review of Popular Removable Media in Computer Storage, 2001.

A. Chetoukhina - Huntingdon College, Custom Generated DNA Codes with Consideration of Insertion-Deleting Metric, 2002.

Masahiko Kimura - UNO, Study on Dunamical Process I Boolean Network, 2004.

V. Ufimstev - UNO, DNA Codes Generating, 2004-2005.

V. Ufimstev - UNO, Construction of a Superimposed Code Using Partitions, 2004-2005.

B. Slaughter - UNO, Statistical Estimation of Insertion-Deletion Stacked Pair Distance between Random Strings Generated by Markov Sources and Generating New DNA Codes, 2005.