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Department of Mathematics
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Yi-Hsin Liu

Selected Publications

Journal Publications
A Necessary and Sufficient Condition for Minimizing a Convex Frechet Differentiable Function on a Certain Hyperplane, Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, 253 (2001), 290-296, co-authors: H. L. Li and V. Matache and P.L. Yu.

Bicriteria Programming with Several Applications, Computer and Industrial Engineering, 37 (1999), 563-580, co-author: J. P. Dauer.

Discriminant Analysis and Linear Programming, International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology, 28 (1997), 207-210, co-author: J. Maloney.
Classification of Maize S2 Families Using Bicriteria Linear Programming, Maydica, 42 (1997), 317-322, co-author: B. Johnson.
Arithmetic Progression Sum of Binomial Coefficient, Applied Mathematics Letters, 10 (1997), 11-13, co-author: J. Konvalina.
A Dynamic Model for Optimal Expansion of Multistage Competence Sets (in Chinese), Management Science, (1997), co-authors: M.-J.Hwang and G.-H. Tzeng.

Implementing Telecommunication Infrastructure: A Rural America Case, Telmetics and Informatics, 13 (1996), 23-31, co-authors: S. M. Nazem, H. Lee and Y. Shi.
A Bicriteria Linear Programming Model for Determining Linear Utility Function in Simultaneous Multiple Trait Selection and Classification, Applied Mathematical Modelling, 20 (1996), co-author: J.P. Dauer.

Solving a Bilevel Linear Program When the Inner Decision Maker Controls Few, European Journal of Operational Research, 81 (1995), co-author: T.H. Spencer.
Duality of Fuzzy MC2Linear Programming to the Implementation of a Graphical User Interface: A New Bin Packing Problem, Applied Mathematical Modelling, 19 (1995), 244-254, co-author: S.M. Hart.
Using Bicriteria Boolean Linear Programming Model for Parameter Selection in Large Multicategory Classification Problem, Mathematical and Compute Modelling, 24 (1995), 75-81, co-author: K.J. Siddiqui.

Feature Selection Using A Proximity-Index Optimization Model, Pattern Recognition Letters, 15 (1994), 1137-1141, co-authors: K.J. Siddiqui, D.R. Hay and C.Y. Suen.
Characterizing an Optimal Solution of the Linear Bilevel Programming Problem, European Journal of Operational Research, 73 (1994), 164-166, co-author: S.M. Hart.
A Fuzzy Programming Approach for Solving a Multiple Criteria and Multiple Constraint Level Linear Programming Problem, Fuzzy Sets and Systems, 65 (1994), 117-124, co-author: Y. Shi.

Circular Subsets Without q-Separation and Powers of Lucas Numbers, Fibonacci Quarterly, 31 (1993), co-author: J. Konvalina.
A Heuristic Algorithm for the Multi-Criteria Set-Covering Problems, Applied Mathematics Letters, 6 (1993), 21-23.
Fuzzy Potential Solution in Multi-Criteria and Multi-Constraint Level Linear Programming Problem, Fuzzy Sets and Systems, 60 (1993), co-author: Y. Shi.

Using A Simplified Gradient Method to Solve a System of Linear Equations, International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology, 23 (1992), 537-541, co-author: J. Maloney.
Discriminant Analysis Using Bicriteria Linear Program, Missouri Journal of Mathematical Sciences, 4 (1992), 62-69, co-author: J. Maloney.
"A Quadratic Programming Approach for Solving Discriminant Analysis Problems, Missouri Journal of Mathematical Sciences, 4 (1992), 139-144, co-author: J. Maloney.

Subsets Without Unit Separation and Products of Fibonacci Numbers, Fibonacci Quarterly, 29 (1991), 141-144, co-author: J. Konvalina.
A Combinatorial Interpretation of the Square of Lucas Number, Fibonacci Quarterly, 29 (1991), 268 - 270, co-author: J. Konvalina.
Subsets Without q-Separation and Binomial Products of Fibonacci Numbers, Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series A, 57 (1991), 306-310, co-author: J. Konvalina.
Zero-One Matrices Without Consecutive Ones, Applied Mathematics Letters , 4 (1991), 35-37, co-author: J. Konvalina.
Bit Strings Without q-Separation, BIT, 31 (1991), 32-35, co-author: J. Konvalina.
Proximity-Index Based Optimization Model for Feature Selection, Mathematical Modelling and Scientific Computing, 2 Section A (1991), 381-386, co-author: K. J. Siddiqui.

Solving Multiple Objective Linear Programs in Objective Space, European Journal of Operational Research, 46 (1990), 350-357, co-author: J. P. Dauer.
Optimal Waveform Feature Selection Using a Pseudo-Similarity Method, Journal of Acoustic Emission, 9 (1990), 9-16, co-authors: K. J. Siddiqui and D. Y. Hay and C. Y. Suen.
Solution of Radial Equation for Hydrogen Atoms - Series Solution or Laplace Transform, International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology, 21 (1990), 913 - 918, co-author: W.N. Mei.

A Multi-Objective Optimization Model for Aquifer Management under Transient and Steady State Conditions, Applied Mathematical Modelling, 9 (1985), co-authors: J.P. Dauer and J.F. Hullet.

Book Chapters
Chapter 20:"Multiple Objective Programming to Analyze and Classify Business Information", New Frontier of decision Making for the Information Technology Era,co-authors: C.-H. Lin, K.J. Siddiqui, Co-editors: Yong Shi and Milan Zeleny, World Scientific Publishing, Singapore, 2000
"Objective Space Analysis of a Multiple Criteria Linear Programming Model for Capital Budgeting"; Part III: Multiple-Criteria Applications in Selected Area of Management Application of Management Science Volume 10, Multi-Criteria Applications, Co-editors: Kenneth Lawrence, Gary Reeves and Ronald Klimberg, JAI, Elsevier Science, 2000

Chapter 11: "Multiple-Criteria and Goal Programming", Recent Advances in Sensitivity Analysis and Parametric Programming, pp.11-1 11-31, co-author: J. Dauer, Co-Editors: Tomas Gal and Harvey Greenberg. Kluwer Academic Publisher, Norwell, MA, 1997.