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Math Department Honoree 2013-2014

Teng Li is the 2013-2014 Math Department Honoree. Each April, an outstanding undergraduate Math major is honored with an award at the Student Honors Convocation. Congratulations Teng! For past recipients, click here.

Posted February 6, 2014

Second Annual Calculus Bee - Friday November 22

Over 75 calculus students completed the written round of UNO's Second Annual Calculus Bee. Sixteen of those students will compete in a head-to-head Calculus Bee on Friday, November 22nd at 1pm in Durham 115/116. Join us for the excitement as the students compete for UNO's top deriver! Come cheer on the contestants and eat FREE PIZZA for all who attend!!! 

The 16 contestants, ranked according to their scores on the written exam, highest to lowest, and their teachers are:

Micah Swab, Dr. Hodge; Andrew Hackett, Dr. Rech; Hannah Price, Dr. Todd; Chen Chen, Mrs. Vranicar; Grant Darner, Dr. Hodge; Chris Walters, Mr. Butler-Hunziker; Tam Dam, Dr. Rech; Sara Kleinsasser, Dr. Rech; Karl Kalinowski, Dr. Hodge; Emily Steinbach, Dr. Hodge; Allison Brock, Dr. Rech; Derek Harris, Dr. Rech; Allison Crawford, Dr. Meyer; Paul Christensen, Dr. Rech; Austin Karel, Mr. Butler-Hunziker; Emmaline Meyer, Dr. Rech

Good luck to all the contestants!!

Posted November 18, 2013

11th Annual High School Math Contest - Friday October 25

The 11th Annual High School Math Contest took place at UNO on Friday October 25, 1:00pm to 3:15pm, with 125 high school students participating from 13 high schools. Contestants had to solve 5 problems, which were graded independently by a faculty member and a graduate or upper level student then assigned a score, from 0 to 10, for a maximum of 100 points. The score for each school was determined by the sum of the scores of the top three contestants from that school.  For 2013, Lincoln East is the winner with a total of 267 points and will receive the traveling trophy this year. Congratulations to the students from Lincoln East!

1st Place, 96 points:
Derek Chew (Omaha North, Instructor: Darren Holley)

2nd Place, 89 points (tie):
Tony Kirkpatrick (Lincoln East, Instructor: John Matzke)
Akshay Rajagopal (Lincoln East, Instructor: John Matzke)
Ingrid Zhang (Lincoln East, Instructor: John Matzke)

4th Place, 79 points (tie):
Caravaggio Caniglia (Brownell-Talbot, Instructor: Jessica Ryan)
Sheng-Yau Lim (Millard North, Instructor: Aaron Harding)

5th Place, 77 points:
Keenan Allen (Lincoln East, Instructor: John Matzke)

6th Place, 75 points:
Michael Svolos (Omaha Central, Instructor: Greg Sand)

7th Place, 74 points (tie):
Ryan Goding (Omaha Central, Instructor: Greg Sand)
Wyatt Osborn (Elkhorn, Instructor: Richard Arch):
Celine Quiring (Millard North, Instructor: Aaron Harding)

Congratulations to these winners and thank you to all the students, as well as their teachers, for participating!!

For more information, click here.

Posted October 28th, 2013