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Department of Mathematics
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Undergraduate Mathematics Contest

Nicknamed the "Half-Putnam", this is a local, problem solving contest, imitating at a lower level the prestigious Putnam Competition. It is organized during the Spring semester, on the first Saturday of March.

Next Occurence

The next contest will be on Saturday March 2, 2013.


UNO undergraduate students who registered for it by the announced deadline.


To register for the contest, please send an email with that request to Dr. Valentin Matache. The deadline for registration is February 28th 2013.


6 contest level problems (calculus problems possible), to be solved on site in 3 hours.


1st Prize - $300

2nd Prize - $200

3rd Prize - $100


Each problem is graded out of 10 points. Partial credit will be available based on grading sheets written by the organizers. In order to win a prize, a student needs to be ranked in the top 3 of total points obtained, and have at least a problem perfectly solved (score 10/10).


Information about how to best prepare for the contest, including practice problems, can be found in this document.

Results from 2013 Competition

1st Place: Brad Horner
2nd Place: Teng Li
3rd Place: Emily Davis