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Department of Mathematics
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Kerrigan Research Minigrants Program

The Kerrigan Research minigrants program invites UNO graduate and undergraduate students to apply for minigrants to work on research projects with department faculty members. A minigrant project is for $500 payable at the end of the fiscal year (the fiscal year ends June 30) upon completion of the project.

Eligibility: Full-time UNO undergraduate and graduate students

Application Deadline: Applications are accepted from faculty on September 15th of the fall semester and February 1 st the following spring semester. Late applications will not be considered.

Proposal Guidelines: All applications must include two pages description of the projects. Incomplete applications will not be considered. The project description should:

  • have the student's name (if not taken, write status: available)
  • include the project's start and end dates
  • include the title of the project
  • include an abstract (less than 100 words)
  • include the purpose(s) of the project (i.e. the questions/issues to be addressed by the project)
  • include a timetable (Provide a timetable for completing the work entailed in the project)

Duration: Either from September 15th or February 1st to June 30th

Application Process: Applications can be delivered in person or emailed to either Prof. Mahboub Baccouch, DSC 233, or Prof. Valentin Matache, DSC 226,


  • All students must work with a faculty mentor. The student's faculty mentor must commit to supporting and advising the applicant throughout the research project.
  • Each student must submit a final report no later than June 30th containing results of what was accomplished, and a list of papers and/or publications that directly or indirectly result from the grant; otherwise the student will receive no funding.
  • Incomplete projects will receive no funding. The mentor is responsible for the completion of the project.
  • A student cannot participate on more than one project per year.
  • A student cannot participate on more than three projects during their time at UNO.
  • Project's will be accepted on a first come, first served basis until February 1st.
  • Each faculty mentor may propose up to two projects per year, however only the first will be accepted on a first come, first served basis. The second will be held until February 1st and accepted on that date if there is funding still available.
  • Students must be recruited by March 1st. No student will be accepted to a project after this deadline and all uncliamed proposals will be removed on that date.
  • In order to be eligible for a Kerrigan minigrant the student must be registered for at least 6 hours if an undergraduate, and 3 hours if a graduate student.
  • The minigrant cannot be work that is also counting for an indepedent study, thesis, or masters project. However, the mimigrant may be used to develop an initial idea that will later be developed into a thesis.

Projects for 2014-2015

Fuzzy integer system
Advisor: Zhenyuan Wang
Student: Godfred Amoah

The ∨ -translatability of the Sugeno integral
Advisor: Zhenyuan Wang
Student: Xiaoyi Shi

A convergent discontinuous Galerkin method for stochastic partial differential equations
Advisor: Mahboub Baccouch
Student: Bryan Johnson

A Machine Learning and Optimization Algorithm for Fantasy Sports
Advisor: Betty Love
Student: Nicholas Valentour

Optimization of Resource Use in Massively Multiplayer Online Games
Advisor: Betty Love
Student: Andrew Cockerill

Logical Modeling of Spin-Glass Magnetism
Advisor: Dora Matache
Student: Trevor Rothanzl

An Interactive Web Application to Explore Data
Advisor: Mahbubul Majumder
Student: Jace Crist

Probabilistic Boolean Control Models of Oxidative Stress
Advisor: Robert Todd
Student: Trevor Pentzien