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Department of Mathematics
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High School Mathematics Contest

Nicknamed the "Halloween Math Contest" because it is organized on the last Friday of October every year, this is a math contest for high school students.

Next Occurence

The next contest will be on Friday October 25, 2013, 1:00pm - 3:15pm.


High school students.


5 problems, to be solved on site in 1.5 hours.


Click here.


Individual Prizes (gift certificates) are awarded to the individual participants with the highest scores. A team trophy is awarded to the school which finishes with the highest score based on the sum of the scores of its top three participants. The name of the winning school is engraved on the trophy and the school will keep it for display until the next year.


Each of the five problems are graded independently by a faculty member and a graduate or upper level student then assigned a score from 0 to 10 for a maximum of 100 points.  The score for each school is determined by the sum of the scores of the top three contestants from that school.  Partial credit is awarded.


To prepare for the contest, please visit our archives, here, to see problems from previous contests.

Results from 2013 Competition

1st Place, 96 points:
Derek Chew (Omaha North, Instructor: Darren Holley)

2nd Place, 89 points (tie):
Tony Kirkpatrick (Lincoln East, Instructor: John Matzke)
Akshay Rajagopal (Lincoln East, Instructor: John Matzke)
Ingrid Zhang (Lincoln East, Instructor: John Matzke)

4th Place, 79 points (tie):
Caravaggio Caniglia (Brownell-Talbot, Instructor: Jessica Ryan)
Sheng-Yau Lim (Millard North, Instructor: Aaron Harding)

5th Place, 77 points:
Keenan Allen (Lincoln East, Instructor: John Matzke)

6th Place, 75 points:
Michael Svolos (Omaha Central, Instructor: Greg Sand)

7th Place, 74 points (tie):
Ryan Goding (Omaha Central, Instructor: Greg Sand)
Wyatt Osborn (Elkhorn, Instructor: Richard Arch):
Celine Quiring (Millard North, Instructor: Aaron Harding)

Team Travelling Trophy: Lincoln East

Complete Results, click here

Questions and Solutions from 2013 Contest

2013 Organizing Committee: Kathy Vranicar (chair), Mahboub Baccouch, Judy Downey, Dora Matache, Michael Matthews, Robb Todd, Debbie Challman, Peggy Mainelli