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Department of Mathematics
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C++ simulation tool for assessment of the dynamics of certain heterogeneous Boolean networks


Dora Matache


This project focuses on improving an existing C++ code and GUI to generate phase transition diagrams for Boolean networks whose nodes follow several different types of Boolean rules. The diagrams will be used to assess the dynamics of the network and identify critical curves, or the so-called edge-of-chaos. In order to obtain these diagrams, the network has to be evolved many time steps and for many initial conditions and sensitivity approaches. This can make the code very slow. The challenge is to apply parallel computing in order to overcome this drawback, and to identify any existing errors. The resulting phase diagram will be superimposed to an existing mathematical model for a heterogeneous Boolean network in order to assess the accuracy of the model.

Necessary Skills

C++ programming and knowledge of Boolean networks and chaos theory. Ability to work with an existing code and to identify ways of making it more efficient and more accurate.