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Impact of 3D video game play of visual/spatial reasoning


Michael Matthews


Research indicates that individuals who play video games increase their visual and spatial reasoning. Visual and spatial reasoning are linked to a student’s performance in the field of mathematics. With an increasing tendency for games to use 3D frameworks, it is reasonable to conclude that playing 3D video games will also increase students’ visual and spatial reasoning perhaps even more than the traditional 2D video games have been shown to do. How are the total hours played (and hour per week) related to improvement of visual and spatial reasoning? For example, is there a total number of hours needed to see an improvement? Is there a saturation point, where playing more has no or little impact on improving visual and spatial reasoning?

Students working on this project will (1) design a research study that will investigate the above research questions, (2) go through the IRB process to get the research project approved, and (3) conduct a pilot study based the design in (1).