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UNO Maps
UNO Maps

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Dodge Street Campus

Dodge Street Campus Map
  1. Kayser Hall (KH)
  2. Roskens Hall (RH)
  3. Eppley Administration Building (EA)
  4. Milo Bail Student Center (MBSC)
  5. Strauss Performing Arts Center (SC)
  6. Criss Library (LI)
  7. Durham Science Center (DC)
  8. Annex 24
  9. Weber Fine Arts Building (FA)
  10. College of Public Affairs and Community Service (CB)
  11. Allwine Hall (AH)
  12. Pep Bowl
  13. Arts and Sciences Hall (AS)
  14. University Drive East Parking Structure
  15. Caniglia Field
  16. Sapp Fieldhouse (FH)
  17. Health, Physical Education and Recreation (HR)
  18. Sculpture ⁄ Ceramics Studio (CS ⁄ SS)
  19. University Village
  20. Maverick Village
  21. University Drive West Parking Structure
  22. Child Care Center
  23. Central Utilities Plant

Pacific Street Campus

Pacific Street Campus Map
  1. The Peter Kiewit Institute (PKI)
  2. Mammel Hall [completion, summer 2010] (MH)
  3. Scott Conference Center and Residence Hall
  4. Scott Village