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Surplus Property

What We Do.

The Surplus Property Department receives, redistributes, and sells excess University property.

How To Submit Property

UNO Surplus Property must be given 3 days advance notice of a department's need to dispose of equipment. There is no charge for pickup and delivery of equipment on the UNO campus.

Please note: Before you submit a request for your Surplus Property to be picked up, please be sure to check the potential surplus for a 4000 series sticker. These should be found on any equipment initially purchased for $5,000 or more. If one is found, please contact the appropriate person in your office for the proper disposal of this equipment.

If you have surplus item(s) you wish to dispose of, please fill out a Request Form and submit it to Surplus Property. This can be done by email, mail or phone.

Email it to or mail it to EAB 106.

Call 554-2222 or 305-7711 if you have any questions.

How To Request Property

Most surplus property items are available to the University Departments. To browse pictures of our current stock click here.

If you like a piece you see, or if you would like to make a request for any future items, fill out the request form here.


Call 554-2660 or email us (for information about current stock only) at

Surplus Property Guidelines