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UNO Licensing Program
Licensing Program

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Licensing Process

The basic requirements for licensing UNO's marks includes completing the licensing application, providing proof of product liability insurance (minimum $1,000,000), signing a standard license agreement, paying the applicable advance fees, obtaining product and design approval from the Office of External Operations, and reporting royalties on the sale of merchandise bearing UNO's marks.

- Costs to become licensed

- Application Fee ($250)

- Advance Royalty Fees (Special circumstances apply)

- Cost of Obtaining $1,000,000 in Product Liability Insurance ($100's - $1,000's, depending on the product)

- Marketing Costs (trade shows, catalogs, web sites, etc

- Product Development Costs (design, development, obtaining digital artwork ($50 - $500), etc

- Sample Production and Approval Costs (the cost of producing samples and obtaining approvals, which occurs online, so you must have an Internet connection). If you obtain approvals via fax and mail, it will take much longer.

- Each licensee pays an annual renewal fee of $100.

For more information, contact: University of Nebraska at Omaha | 6001 Dodge Street, FH 231 | Omaha, NE 68182 | phone: 402.554.2305 | fax: 402.554-2555