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UNO Licensing Program
Licensing Program

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Policies and Guidelines for UNO Departments

UNO departments are required to complete a royalty waiver form and submit it to the Director of Licensing before being granted access to any University registered/trademarked logo. The royalty waiver form may be obtained by clicking here: Royalty Waiver Form

Approved Uses

In-house use: UNO departments may use any UNO marks for in-house purposes (such as posters, signs, banners, brochures, Web sites) that deal with on-campus activities. Such use must reflect positively on UNO, and be reproduced accurately by a licensed vendor or manufacturer of UNO. The prior written approval of the Director of Licensing is required.

UNO departments may include a sponsor name/logo along with UNO trademarks on products and certain forms of advertising. However, the department's name must be included in the design to communicate that the relationship is a partnership with a particular group and not an endorsement by UNO as a whole. Based on the scope of the program, a rights fee may be assessed to the sponsor to associate its name with UNO. These sponsors may not be designated as "Official" or "Exclusive". UNO departments will need to secure prior written approval of any joint advertisement from the Director of Licensing. Policies and guidelines for non-UNO use still apply.

Sales restricted to UNO departments: University departments may sell or give away products (t-shirts, water bottles, keychains, pens, etc.), which display UNO's marks combined with the names and logos of that department or activity. These items must relate directly to an on-campus activity sponsored by that department. Items need to be unique and not compete with products and/or artwork available in the retail market, and be reproduced accurately by a licensed vendor. The prior written approval of the Director of Licensing is required. Royalties will apply.

For more information, contact: University of Nebraska at Omaha | 6001 Dodge Street, FH 231 | Omaha, NE 68182 | phone: 402.554.2305 | fax: 402.554-2555