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UNO Licensing Program
Licensing Program

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University of Nebraska at Omaha Licensing Program

What is a trademark?

A trademark (or mark) is any logo, symbol, nickname, letter(s), word, slogan or derivative used by an organization, company or institution to identify its goods/services and distinguish them from other entities or competitors.

Who is responsible for UNO's licensing program?

The UNO athletic department's Office of External Operations is responsible for the licensing and regulation of words, logos and designs associated with UNO's athletic teams and the university. The director of licensing administers this program. Accordingly, a set of standards has been developed to regulate the use of UNO marks controlled this office. These standards serve to protect the name, reputation and integrity of the university, and licensees of UNO's marks are expected to comply with these standards to assure accurate use and reproduction of all UNO marks. The Office of External Operations seeks to create an atmosphere of cooperation and teamwork within the university and community to both facilitate the proper use of UNO's marks and provide for their efficient use and licensing by properly licensed businesses.

Failure to follow these standards or to become properly licensed by the Office of External Operations prior to the use of any UNO mark may constitute a violation of federal and/or state trademark laws. UNO has a legal duty to protect its marks and to prosecute violations of these standards or its trademark rights. Manufacturers of items bearing UNO-related logos are advised to become familiar with these guidelines and regulations. Any questions concerning these standards may be directed to the Director of Licensing. A copy of these standards can be obtained by following the "Logo Standards Guidelines" in the left navigation menu on this page.

Several marks administered by the Office of External Operations are registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office ( and/or the State of Nebraska. Other marks are protected under common law. The following is a list of trademarks and service marks administered by UNO's Office of External Operations:

Federally Registered marks (represented with ®)
Verbiage - University of Nebraska

Logo - Maverick bullhead logo, University Seal, University of Nebraska (stylized)

Marks registered with the State of Nebraska or otherwise protected by common law (represented with a TM)
Verbiage - UNO, Mavericks, UNO Mavericks, University of Nebraska at Omaha Mavericks, University of Nebraska at Omaha, UNO Mavs, Mavs.

Logos - Maverick Bull Head, Maverick Bull Head with Nebraska Omaha, Maverick Bull Head with University of Nebraska Omaha, Maverick Bull Head with University of Nebraska Omaha Mavericks, Maverick Bull Head with Mavs, Maverick Bull Head with any derivative of sports offered, UNO, One-dimensional longhorn with UNO down the middle (old design), UNO Mavs 10th Season Logo, Maverick Mojo, Maverick Mojo Why Fight It.

What do you need to do?

UNO Departments and Registered Student Organizations

UNO departments and registered student orgnizations are not obligated to pay the licensing fee. They are, however, obligated to use a licensed vendor for printing promotional materials that use any UNO logo, and are obligated to follow the usage guidelines associated with all registered and trademarked logos and wordmarks associated with the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

Follow the department information or student information link in the left navigation menu on this page for more information.


The Director of Licensing must grant prior written approval to all outside vendors wanting to use any UNO marks, even if the vendor is producing items for a UNO affiliated group. If a registered student organization or department is involved in any of the activities deemed as commercial, then the vendor from which merchandise is purchased must be licensed through the University of Nebraska at Omaha. If a project falls into an exempt category, the Director of Licensing must issue a written waiver to the vendor prior to the production of the merchandise.

The Director of Licensing maintains a list of all UNO licensed vendors. These vendors have been carefully chosen and are familiar with UNO's licensing policies and procedures. This listing is also available online at For assistance in choosing a licensed vendor please contact the Director of Licensing.

Follow the vendor information link in the left navigation menu on this page for more information.

For more information, contact: University of Nebraska at Omaha | 6001 Dodge Street, FH 231 | Omaha, NE 68182 | phone: 402.554.2305 | fax: 402.554-2555