Much ado about The Yellow Cake

I have authored/coauthored a couple of papers. I am very proud of some, I do not regret any, I like them all. So, when a paper I wrote becomes famous I am, I guess, very happy. Recently one of my older papers with Saharon Shelah, The Yellow Cake, known also as [RoSh:686], made it to the Press!!! Education Guardian published article on it (for your convenience, I copied the files with that article here). The article made me somewhat, hm, upset? sad? Anyway, I wrote a letter to the Guardian with my comments on that article. I did not really think about them possibly publishing my letter, so it was a kind of long. I am not sure why I actually wrote it, but I did. A pdf file with that letter is here. After some time I learned from a fellow mathematician that The Guardian has published "my" answer. Well, what they publish was not exactly what I wrote them, but another colleague wrote me

Your version was much better, but I think they did communicate the main idea you wanted to express.

You may read what The Guardian published as "my" answer here (look at the bottom of that page; for your convenience, I copied the files with that article).

Added on Mon Nov 14 11:42:21 CST 2005: Gregory Cherlin gave the final and definite answer to the question what is The Yellow Cake?. See here. Well, if you look at that page carefully you will learn more.

Andrzej Roslanowski

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