Saharon Shelah in Rutgers
Fall 2005

As you can easily notice in my Publication List almost all of my papers are the results of my cooperation with Saharon Shelah. I often visit him in Jerusalem, but also I visit him in Rutgers University. Each Fall Saharon spends some time in the Mathematics Department of Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey (he is a Distinguished Visitor there). Rutgers runs a special program Shelah's Visitors at Rutgers - the program is sponsored by NSF and I believe that the people responsible for it are Gregory Cherlin and Simon Thomas. (Thank you, Gregory and Simon!) Each year several of Saharon's colaborators visit him in Rutgers, and for many of them this is the only way they can talk to Saharon. Here I present some pictures I took in Fall 2005 when I was there.

(The pictures are clickable.)

Saharon Shelah in his office, Hill 203,               
and in Treetops Apartments:     
Famous Yellow Pages:
BTW: have you read/seen this? (see also below)
Many many many of Saharon's paper are actually created/typed in Rutgers. You must have noticed the footnote I would like to thank Alice Leonhardt for the beautiful typing in so many of Saharon's papers? Well, Alice is a Secretary and TeXnical typist at Rutgers:   
Saharon and Alice
Saharon and Alice
Michael Chris Laskowski is one of the regular visitors of Saharon:   
Chris and Simon
Chris and Saharon
Juris Steprans also comes (almost) every year:   
Juris and Saharon
Juris and Saharon
Andreas Blass is also one of the regular visitors:   
Andreas and Saharon
Martin Goldstern also often comes to RU   
Martin and Saharon
Martin and Boris
When in Rutgers, Saharon gives a series of talks on his current research. In the second half of October'05 that was about [Sh:810]         
Typically, both Saharon and his visitors stay in Treetops Apartments. This is a nice place with more guests coming to Saharon:         

In October 2005, one of the main events at RU was RU 2005 Logic Conference MAMLS. The conference (sponsored by the NSF) attracted many stars (among them quite a number of Saharon's co-workers). Some (but just some) of them can be seen on the pictures below.

Boris Zilber and Saharon
     Gregory Cherlin
     Andras Hajnal
     Mirna Dzamonja
Andras, Martin and Gregory
     Stevo Todorcevic
   Andreas, Rami, Alex
     Paul Eklof
     Martin Goldstern
   Martin Goldstern
     The Organizers
   Tapani Hyttinen
   Joel D. Hamkins
and Arthur W. Apter
   Tomek Bartoszynski

Conference party at the Thomases
Monica VanDieren and Michael D. Morley
James Cummings
Michael Chris Laskowski
Andras Hajnal
Tomek Bartoszynski and Saharon
Rami Grossberg, Gregory Cherlin and Boris Zilber
Alex Usvyatsov and Monica VanDieren
Joel D. Hamkins
W. Hugh Woodin
Tomek Bartoszynski
Roman Kossak
W. Hugh Woodin


During the Conference Party Gregory gave the final and definite answer to the question

what is the yellow cake?:


Andrzej Roslanowski

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