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Non-Degree / Post-Baccalaureate Application Process

For those students who wish to enroll in courses as non-degree seeking students prior to admission to the School of Information Science & Learning Technologies (SISLT), one of two paths may be taken.

First Option

The prospective student can fill out the enrollment forms on the Mizzou Online site at If the student selects this option they can take courses without filling out the MU Graduate School application and paying the application fee; however, if the applicant decides to continue on and apply to the LIS program, he or she will then have to fill out the Graduate School application, pay the fee and submit the supplemental materials to the SISLT department.

Second Option

The prospective student may elect to take courses as a non-degree-seeking student is by filling out the Graduate School application at and pay the Graduate School application fee. If an applicant selects this option, he or she will need to select "non-degree" or "post baccalaureate" as the degree option when filling out the form.

If the applicant selects that he or she is applying to a specific degree program, the Graduate School will not send information regarding a student number, PawPrint username / e-mail address or instructions on how to enroll. If the student decides that this degree is something her or she would like to pursue, he or she will then need to contact the Graduate School and inform them that his or her status needs to be changed from non-degree seeking to degree seeking.

Once the Graduate School has approval in writing from the student (an e-mail message to the school from the student is fine), the Graduate School will make the application available for the department to view. Then the applicant will need to submit the supplemental materials to the School of Information Science & Learning Technologies.

MU Admission Forms & Links

The following forms and links are provided to assist you in navigating the admissions process for the University of Missouri's Graduate School and School of Information Science & Learning Technologies.

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Admissions QuickSheet PDF
Letter of Reference Form PDF
Plan of Study PDF
MU Graduate Scholarship Information MU Web Site