Legendary Women of UNO


Olga J. StrimpleOlga is described as a “woman who has to her credit a longer period of faithful service to the University than perhaps anyone else in Omaha.”

Jessie Jones, Recording Secretary,
Board of Directors Alumni Association
April 15, 1949 minutes

2010 Awardee

Olga J. Strimple


Olga Jorgensen Strimple, “Jorgy” to her many friends at Omaha University (OU), was among the earliest and most involved graduates of OU (1915 to 1919). A good student and talented editor of the YELLow Sheet and Gateway, she also performed in theatre, was a leader in her sorority, a force on the basketball court, and an early proponent of what is now called Service Learning.

Olga’s commitment and dedication to OU continued after her graduation, through her service as president and executive secretary of the OU Alumni Association beginning in 1922. Her strong, moving writing was also carried forward from OU student publications to the Alumni newsletters. The first paid employee, she was a driving force in the growth of the Alumni Association until she stepped down in 1949. Olga used her powerful, persuasive talents to stimulate thought about the issues of the day and to inspire others to do the same.

Olga achieved balance in her life as a wife and a mother of two children, within whom she instilled the importance of education. She credited her OU education with helping her develop her strengths and leadership talents, and returned the University’s investment in her through a lifelong devotion to and advocacy for the institution.

About the Award

In 2009, the Chancellor’s Commission on the Status of Women (CCSW) unanimously decided to offer an annual award to honor University of Nebraska at Omaha women alumni who have made lifelong contributions to UNO. The Legendary Woman of UNO Award will be introduced during Women’s History Month at the March 2010 CCSW luncheon. Members of the Women’s Centennial Archive Project (WCAP) joined the CCSW in selecting the first UNO woman for the award.

In the future, UNO students from both groups will join faculty and staff members as they review nominations and recommendations for the annual award.

Criteria for Selection

The woman must be deceased

No more than one woman may be selected each year for recognition

The committee will consider the impact the nominee had on:

  • Future of UNO
  • Issues pertaining to women
  • Environment for students, faculty and staff
  • Core institutional structure

Documentation to support her achievements


Women's Centennial Archive Project
Chancellor's Commission on the Status of Women
University of Nebraska at Omaha
UNO Alumni Association