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Academic Learning Communities at UNO - FAQ
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Frequently Asked Questions about Academic Learning Communities at UNO

What is an Academic Learning Community?

An institutional strategy designed to enhance student success.  Groups of students with shared academic interests or experiences who might live together, learn through at least one shared class, and connect to students/peer mentors & faculty through targeted activities and events.

Why Create Academic Learning Communities?

Academic Learning Communities enhance student success.   Research and UNO programs such as Thompson Learning Community and Goodrich Scholarship Program have demonstrated the impact of learning communities for their students. 

What are the Key Elements of Academic Learning Communities?

Academic Learning Communities utilize many high-impact pedagogical practices such as intentional links between courses, interdisciplinary teams, student collaboration, service learning, seminars, undergraduate research and other creative pedagogies.   UNO Faculty developing academic learning communities will incorporate one or more of these high-impact practices into each learning community. 

Why be part of creating new Academic Learning Communities at UNO?

 By creating an academic learning community, faculty teams can build on academic priorities, current initiatives, and existing program goals to facilitate student success.  The inclusion of high-impact practices builds an environment that can enrich the students’ connections to other students, faculty, and academic programs

 How do faculty become involved in Academic Learning Communities?

 Interested faculty will submit an Application for Academic Learning Community which will be available beginning September 10.  Selected faculty will receive training, resources, and professional development funds to assist in developing their community for implementation if Fall 2014.