In the name of the Father, the Daughter
and Eddie Scrap: Trinitarian Theology
in Million Dollar Baby

By Sharon Roubach

Group Notes

1. See for example: or where, in an entry dated January 2005, Debbie Schlussel stated that the film will win the Oscar because ‘it supports killing the handicapped.’

2. Mark 1:11 (new Revised Standard Version).

3. This is an intentional reference by the director, St. Mark being the name of the church Frank visits daily – this Gospel is indeed most influential to the film's narrative.

4. Mark 3:31-35. See also, Matthew 12:46-50, Luke 8:19-21.

5. John 19:30.

6. Augustine, De Trinitate.

7. See: Halvor Moxnes (ed.), Constructing Early Christian Families. Family as social reality and metaphor (London & New York, 1997).

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