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Guidelines and Procedures
for Article Manuscripts and Film Reviews

Article Manuscripts

The Journal of Religion and Film publishes articles on-line through the Internet and invites manuscripts from its readers. Manuscripts will be peer-reviewed and may treat a wide variety of topics related to religion and film. These include:

  • religious themes or traditions in film(s);
  • religious values and cultural values in film(s);
  • how films approach religions in general or particular religions;
  • how films portray the social consequences of religion;
  • how films might be used in teaching theology or religious studies;
  • the appropriate methodology for the critical analysis of films from a religious perspective;
  • what the relation is between the nature of film and the character of religion.

The editors take the definition of religion to be very broad and inclusive. (See the Journal's Policies Page (

The editors are also interested in a wide range of movies, from those that are classic to those that are "popular" and those also that few Americans will ever see, whether they be foreign, independent, or simply not widely distributed.

We anticipate that the articles will be of interest to a wide and diverse audience. This includes people who have a non-academic as well as those with an academic interest in religion(s) or film. We want the articles not to be excessively technical or academic, but to explain any technical terms and suppositions that they include.

The following guidelines for authors apply:

  • Only articles submitted in English can be considered at this time.

  • Each manuscript should begin with a 100-word summary/abstract of its content.

  • Articles should be approximately 5000-7000 words in length. (In selected cases, we will consider articles both shorter and longer.)

  • Manuscripts should be submitted for consideration via the "Submit Article" at

  • Microsoft Word is the best software for us to handle, but a limited number of others will be accepted.

  • The Journal of Religion & Film uses the Chicago Manual of Style for formatting guidelines.

  • Footnotes should be numbered in the text and listed at the end of the manuscript (endnotes, not footnotes).

  • Every author should be willing to make response to future questions from Internet readers regarding his article.

  • Authors are also asked to number their paragraphs, using the following format: [1] New paragraph.....

  • Place JRF as the first characters in the subject line when submitting as an email attachment .

Article manuscripts may be submitted to by email (put JRF in subject line) at


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