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Guidelines and Procedures for
Film Review Submission

Submitting Film Reviews

The Journal of Religion and Film publishes reviews of recently released films (within the last six months). These may be mainstream Hollywood, independent, or foreign language films. The reviews should be brief (800-1200 words), describing for readers the relevance of the film for themes and issues in religion and religious studies.

The reviews will describe, analyze and evaluate the films, especially as they intersect with our broad sense of religions and religious themes. Included will be a condensed plot synopsis, possible background information, and possible arguments regarding the implications of the film. The review should not, however, simply be a plot summary.

While the review may point out some explicit religious content of the film, the review may also be suggestive toward religious themes that are not altogether apparent in the film. The reviewer might want also to include suggestions for whether the film is worth seeing or not. We hope that by including these reviews we will help our readers to keep up with movie and film releases that approach our interest in religion(s).

The Journal of Religion & Film uses the Chicago Manual of Style for formatting guidelines.

Reviewers are also asked to number their paragraphs, using the following format: [1] New paragraph.....

Readers who are interested in writing a film review must contact Dr. Rubina Ramji, the Film Editor, before submitting a review to be sure that one has not already been written.  Only films released in the past six months will be considered.  Reviews are accepted in Word or Word Perfect format and can be sent as an attached file via e-mail, or on hard disk/CD.

Send reviews to:

Dr. Rubina Ramji
Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies
Cape Breton University
Room CC241, 1250 Grand Lake Road
Sydney, Nova Scotia
B1P 6L2
Phone: 902-563-1264

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