The Journal
of Religion and Film

Discussion Protocol

The editors encourage as much discussion among authors and readers of the JR & F as possible. We make available, therefore, three possibilities for WWW interchange regarding the articles on religion and film.

Ask the Author

The reader can submit questions to the author(s) of any essay through the Journal web site. Your questions and the author's responses will be available on screen in this section of the Journal.

Thematic Discussion

Readers can contribute questions or comments on any article (or on previous commentary) through the web. The editors will group these comments as ongoing dialogue regarding particular themes. By such grouping, this on-screen section of the Journal will provide a thematic forum for discussion of interesting topics.

Unmonitored Commentary

Comments not clearly related to particular themes will be included on this screen.

Sending Comments and Questions

You are welcome to send all such comments and questions to the editors via e-mail, with JRF as the first characters in the subject line, to: Paul A. Williams

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