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1. Studying Religion and Film

  • Maria C. Maisto

  • Bonnie Long

2. Interpreting The Rapture

  • Bill Blizek
  • R. D. Hohenfeldt

3. Lyden/Marsh Discussion (Religion, Film and Postmodernity)

  • John Lyden: Continuing the Conversation: A Response to Clive Marsh

4. Reassessing the Matrix


5. Wake up! Gnosticism and Buddhism in The Matrix

Bill Lyon

6. Star Wars

Andy Derksen

4. Reassessing the Matrix


[1] Very interesting article indeed.

[2] You said that Christianity didn't fit, but many people believe Christ existed and married and had children. He had another life as Yuz As or Issa and was a student of Buddhism and lived in India, could be true?! I like the re-wroking of Christ to be a real man who had sex and desires, the bible is a sanitized biography, and we should never think that is the whole story.

[3] As a pagan I am interested in other links within the film, such as Odin who hung upside down on the tree of knowledge (Oak) for 3 days and nights to learn the runes. The runes were a way of communication and devination which Neo learned the modern day equivilent for IE code. Odins story of sacrifice to gain knowledge is paralleled often, we see it in Christs life as well.

[4] Pagans accept their Gods and Goddesses to be strong and sexual, I can't think of any specific ones at present, but Neos desires are not against pagan thought.

[5] There is also a pagan tradition of sacrifice, each year the Oak and Holly King kill each other on the dates of the Solstice. Only one can reign over the year at any one time. The Sun God dies and is re-born every Yule (22 December). Kings are sacrificed each year to feed the land. Neo must sacrifice to save his land at the end of the film.

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