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Reviews of books that focus upon religion in film
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Book Reviews

Faith Odyssey: A Journey through Life
     By Richard Burridge
     Reviewed by Bill Jenkins

The Filmgoer's Guide to God
     By Tim Cawkwell
     Reviewed by Freek L. Bakker

Finding Meaning at the Movies
       By Sara Anson Vaux
       Reviewed by Elyse Sara

Hollywood Worldviews: Watching Films With Wisdom & Discernment
       By Brian Godawa
       Reviewed by Jon Snodgrass

       Edited by S. Brent Plate and David Jasper
       Reviewed by Rubina Ramji

Jesus of Hollywood
      by Adele Reinhartz
      Reviewed by Freek L. Bakker

Mother India
By Gayatri Chatterjee
       Reviewed by Christian Lee Novetzke

Reading the Gospels in the Dark: Portrayals of Jesus in Film
       By Richard Walsh
       Reviewed by Dan Clanton

Sacred Terror
     By Douglas Cowan
       Reviewed by Joseph Laycock

Screen Christologies: Redemption and the Medium of Film
    By Christopher Deacy
    Reviewed by Freek L. Bakker

Screening the Sacred: Religion, Myth, and Ideology in Popular American Film
      Edited by Joel W. Martin and Conrad E. Ostwalt Jr.
      Reviewed by Greg Watkins

Teaching Religion and Film (An American Academy of Religion Book)
      By Gregory J. Watkins
      Reviewed by Julien Fielding

They Came from Within: A History of Canadian Horror Cinema
       By Caelum Vatnsdal
       Reviewed by Mario DeGiglio-Bellemare

Zwischen Fiktionalität und Kritik: Die Aktualität apokalyptischer Motive als Herausforderung theologischer Hermeneutik
(Between Fictionalizing and Criticism: the Topicality of Apocalyptic Motives as a Challenge to Theological Hermeneutics)
By Joachim Valentin
       Reviewed by Freek L. Bakker


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