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Age before Beauty: A Comparative Study of Martyrs in American Disaster Movies and Their Medieval Predecessors - Lena Roos (11, 1)

Amma n Movies: An Introduction - Maria-Priska Ondrich (8,2)

Ancient Egyptian Religion on the Silver Screen: Modern Anxieties about Race, Ethnicity, and Religion - Caroline T. Schroeder (7, 2)

Andrei Rublev: Religious Epiphany in Art - Nigel Savio D'Sa (3,2)

"Angels Carrying Savage Weapons:" Uses of the Bible in Contemporary Horror Films - Mary Ann Beavis (7, 2)

Anti-Feminism in Recent Apocalyptic Film - Joel W. Martin (4,1)

Any Gods Out There? Perceptions of Religion from Star Wars and Star Trek - John S. Schultes (7, 2)

The Apocalyptic Cosmology of Star Wars - John Lyden (4,1)

Apocalyptic Visions - Amir Hussain (4,1)

Apocalyptic Visions - Beyond Corporeality - Ann Pearson (2,3)

The Apostle: An Interview with Robert Duvall - Bill Blizek and Ron Burke (2,1)

The Apostle: A Psychiatric Appraisal - Carl Greiner (3,2)

Archetypes on Screen: Odysseus, St. Paul, Christ and the American Cinematic Hero and Anti-Hero - John Fitch, III (9,1)

Are the Gospel Passion Accounts Anti-Jewish? - Dennis Hamm, S.J. (8,special issue1)

Armageddon at the Millenial Dawn - Conrad Ostwalt (4,1)

The Arrest and Sentencing of Jesus: A Historical Reconstruction - Phillip A. Cunningham (8,special issue1)


Babette's Feast: A Religious Film - Wendy M. Wright (1, 2)

"Beautiful Necessities:" American Beauty and the Idea of Freedom - David L. Smith (6, 2)

Being True to the Text: From Genesis to Harry Potter - Paul V.M. Flesher (12, 2)

Bess the Christ Figure?: Theological Interpretations of Breaking the Waves - Linda A. Mercadante (5,1)

Between the Worlds: Liminality and Self-Sacrifice in Princess Mononoke - Christine Hoff Kraemer (8, 1)

Bewitching the Box Office: Harry Potter and Religious Controversy - Rachel Wagner (7,2)

Biblical Allusions, Biblical Illusions: Hollywood Blockbuster and Scripture- Nicola Denzey (8, special issue 1)

Biblical Scholarship and the Passion Surrounding The Passion of the Christ - Frances Flannery-Dailey (8, special issue 1)

The Birth of a Hebrew Tragedy: Woody Allen’s Cassandra’s Dream as a Morality Play - Marat Grinberg (14, 1)

The Birth of a Nation as American Myth - Richard C. Salter (8,.2)

Black Song, White Song: Salvation Through The Radio in The Apostle and Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? - Michelle Cormier (6, 2)

Blessed Broken Bodies: Exploring Redemption in Central Station and Breaking the Waves - Jeanette Reedy Solano (8,1)

Bloodthirsty Salvation: Behind the Popular Polarized Reaction to Gibson's The Passion - Kelly Denton-Borhaug (9,1)

Borat and Anti-Semitism - William Closson James (12, 1)

Bringing out the Meaning: Deacy, Nolan, Scorsese, and what films 'mean' - Dr Robert Ellis (13, 2)

Bruce Willis as the Messiah: Human Effort, Salvation and Apocalypticism in Twelve Monkeys - Frances Flannery-Dailey (4,1)

Buddhism, Christianity, and The Matrix: The Dialectic of Myth-Making in Contemporary Cinema - James L. Ford (4,2)

“But it did happen”: Sound as Deep Narrative in P.T. Anderson’s Magnolia (1999) - Theodora Hawksley (13, 2)

Between Chester and Capetown Transformations of the Gospel in Son of Man by Mark Dornford-May - Reinhold Zwick (15, 1)


Capturing C. S. Lewis's "Mere" Christianity: Another Look at Shadowlands - Mary Dodson (6,1)

Castaway and Cast Away: Colonial, Imperial, and Religious Discourses in Daniel Defoe and Robert Zemeckis - Catherine Craft-Fairchild (9,1)

The Catholic Imagination in Martin Scorsese's The Last Waltz - Christopher Garbowski (5,2)

Celluloid Savior: Jesus in the Movies - Jeffrey H. Mahan (6,1)

Cinema and Theology: The Case of Heaven Over the Marshes - André Bazin (translation and edit by Bert Cardullo) (6, 2)

Cinematic Illustrations in Christian Theology - James S. Spiegel (6, 2)

Children of Men and a Plural Messianism - Sarah Schwartzman (13, 1)

Christ's Passion on Stage: The Traditional Melodrama of Deicide - Gordon R. Mork (8, special issue 1)

Christian Anti-Semitism: Past History, Present Challenges: Reflections in Light of Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ - John T. Pawlikowski, OSM, Ph.D (8, special issue 1)

Christian Signature and Archetype in Frank Capra's It's A Wonderful Life - Donald R. Riccomini (13, 1)

A Community of Characters – the Narrative Self in the Films of Wes Anderson - Brannon M. Hancock (9,2)

The Construction of a Christ-figure within the 1956 and 1923 Versions of Cecil B. DeMille's The Ten Commandments - Anton Karl Kozlovic (10,1)


Daniel and The Sonnenscheins: Biblical Cycles in István Szabó's Film Sunshine - Vladimir Tumanov (8,2)

The Day the Earth Stood Still: 1950s Sci-Fi, Religion and the Alien - By Matthew Etherden (9,2)

Dead Men Don’t Lie: Sacred Texts in Jim Jarmusch’s Dead Man and Ghost Dog: Way of the Samurai - Melissa Anne-Marie Curley (12, 2)


The Devil We Already Know: Medieval Representations of a Powerless Satan in Modern American Cinema -Kelly J. Wyman (8,2)

The Dharma Blues - Robert Castle (6,1)

Diary of a Country Priest: The Transcendent on Film - Wanda Avila (10,2)

The Divine Exhaustion of Myth and Parable in Cronenberg’s A History of Violence -by Rich Cooper (14, 2)

Do You Think You're What They Say You Are? Reflections on Jesus Christ Superstar - Mark Goodacre (3,2)

Donnie Darko and the Messianic Motif - By Kevin Dodd (13, 2)


Editorials: (1,1); (1,2); (2,1); (2,2); (2,3); (3,1); (3,2); (4,1); (4,2), (5,2), (6,1), (7,1)

The Emotional Lives of Buddhist Monks in Modern Thai Film - Justin McDaniel (14,2)

The End of Desire: Theologies of Eros in the Song of Songs and Breaking the Waves - Kyle Keefer and Tod Linafelt (2,1)

Enlightenment Through Film: Why Has Bodhidharma Left for the East? - Wanda Avila (14, 1)

Epiphany of the Throne-Chariot: Merkabah Mysticism and the Film Contact - Antonio D. Sison (9,1)

Esther and The Mexican - Guy Matalon (5,1)

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and the Question of Transcendence - David L. Smith (9,1)


Faith and the Absent Savior in Central Station - Donna Bowmana (5,1)

Fall, Creation, and Redemption in Heil LaBute's The Shape of Things - Dr. Duane Olson (8, 1)

Fantasy Verses Redemption: Religious Possibility in Little Voice - Christopher Deacy (4,2)

Fargo: A Biblical Morality Play - Mary Ann Beavis (4,2)

Fecundity and Almodóvar? Sexual Ethics and the Specter of Catholicism - Christopher McMahon (10,2)

Fight Club: An Exploration of Buddhism - Charley Reed (11, 2)

Film and the Apologetics of Biblical Violence - Hector Avalos (13, 1)

Film Depictions of Judas - Kim Paffenroth (5,2)

Filming Jesus: Between Authority and Heresy - Paul V. M. Flesher and Robert Torry (8, special issue 1)

Foucault, Discipline and the Self: Exploring Mayr's Relationship with God in The Nativity Story - Amarnath Amarasingam (12, 1)

Found in Translation: From Hollywood Hits to Bollywood Blockbusters - Ally Ostrowski (11, 2)

From Holy Aliens to Cyborg Saviours: Biblical Subtexts in Four Science Fiction Films - Anton Karl Kozlovic (5,2)

From Navy Seals to The Siege - Rubina Ramji (9,2)

From Peepshow to Prayer: Toward a Spirituality of the Movies - Richard Blake (6, 2)

From The Rapture to Left Behind: The Movie and Beyond: Evangelical Christian End Times Films from 1941 to The Present - John Walliss

From Superman to Brahman: The Religious Shift of The Matrix Mythology - Jeffery Wittung and Daniel Bramer (10,2)

From "The Ten Commandments" to the Decalogue - John M. Grondelski (7, 1)


Gibson's Passion: A Case Study in Media Manipulation? - Mark Silk (8, special issue 1)

God and the Bodhisattva: A Buddhist Reading of Stranger Than Fiction - Richard Hutchinson (13, 1)

The God Behind the Screen: Pleasantville & The Truman Show - Linda A. Mercadante (5,2)

God in the Details: The Cleansing of the Temple in Four Jesus Films- David Landry (13, 2)


He is the One: The Matrix Trilogy's Postmodern Movie Messiah - Mark D. Stucky (9,2)

History, Hollywood, and the Bible: Some Thoughts on Gibson's Passion - Paula Fredriksen (8, special issue 1)

"Holocaust Laughter?" A German Response to Punch Me in the Stomach - Tania Oldenhage (1,2)

The Holy, Non-Christic Biblical Subtexts in Superman: The Movie (1978) and Superman II (1981) - Anton Karl Kozlovic (6, 2)


I Dream, Therefore I Am: What Dreams May Come - Susan L. Schwartz (4,1)

I, Robot: You Gotta Have Heart - Richard Curran Trussell (9,2)

Images of God in the Movies - Andrew M Greeley (1,1)

In the Kingdom of Men: Love, Faith and Spirituality in von Trier's Breaking the Waves - Ingrid Fernandez (15, 1)

In the Name of the Father, the Daughter and Eddie Scrap: Trinitarian Theology in Million Dollar Baby - Sharon Roubach (11, 1)

Intellects vast and cool and unsympathetic: Science, Religion, and The War of the Worlds - Douglas E. Cowan (11, 1)

Intellects vast and cool and unsympathetic: Science, Religion, and The War of the Worlds - Part II - Douglas E. Cowan (11, 2)

The Invisible Body of God: Paul Verhoeven's Hollow Man - Melissa Conroy(8, 1)

'It All Happens Here:' Locating Salvation in Abel Ferrara's Bad Lieutenant - Simon J. Taylor (7, 1)

It's Not Just a Job, It's a Calling: The Redemption of Soldiering as Religious Vocation in Saving Private Ryan - Marc T. Newman (10,2)


The Jackleg Testament, Part One: Jack and Eve: Artist Jay Bolotin with his postmodern take on Genesis, the first woodcut motion picture ever made - Michael J. Krainak (14, 1)

Jesus "Camp:" Camp, Christianity, and Gender Ambiguity in Transamerica - JoAnne C. Juett (15, 1)

Jesus Christ, Superstar? Why the Gospels Don’t Make Good Movies - Bill Jenkins (12, 2)

Jesus in Armani - William L. Blizek (14,2)

Jesus in Film: Hollywood Perspectives on the Jewishness of Jesus - Adele Reinhartz (2,2)

Jews Have the Best Sex: The Hollywood Adventures of a Peculiar Medieval Jewish Text on Sexuality by Evyatar Marienberg (14,2)

The Joker Is Satan, and So Are We: Girard and The Dark Knight - Charles K. Bellinger (13, 1)

Jon Woo's The Killer and Girard - Tony Michael and Ken Derry (5,1)

Judas the Film: Storytellers Then and Now - John Dart (8, special issue 1)


Kierkegaard at Babette's Feast: The Return to the Finite - Jean Schuler (1,2)

Knowledge and Mortality in Black Runner and Genesis 2-3 - Kyle Keefer (9,2)


Locating Heaven: Fatih Akin’s Meditation on the Outcome of Tolerance and Hospitality - Allen H.Redmon (14, 1)


Majid Majidi and New Iranian Cinema - Annie Gregory (12, 1)

Man’s Desire Exceeds His Grasp –The Prestige as Utopia - Daniel Cojocaru (14, 1)

Memory and Responsibility: An Interview with Margarethe von Trotta on Rosenstrasse - Marty Fairbairn (12, 1)

Mystic River: A Parable of Christianity's Dark Side - Charlene P. E. Burns (8, 1)

Moses and the Reel Exodus - G. Andrew Tooze (7, 1)

Magnolia and the Signs of the Times: A Theological Reflection -Mario DeGiglio-Bellemare (4,2)

The Messianic Figure in Film: Christology Beyond the Biblical Epic - Matthew McEver (2,2)

Mission (Not) Accomplished: Stanley Kubrick's Paths of Light and Darkness - Richmond B. Adams (11, 1)

Mozart & Salieri, Cain & Able: A Cinematic Transformation of Genesis 4 - Gregory Allen Robbins (1,1)


Native American Religion and Film: Interviews with Chris Eyre and Sherman Alexie - Julien R. Fielding (7, 1)


Oblivion beyond Forgetting: A Buddhist Reflection on Suffering in Ashes of Time by Heawon Choi (14,2)

Of Gods and Men by Wendy M. Wright (15, 2)

An Orthodox Perspective on Gibson's The Passion of Christ - Oliver Herbel (8,2)

Orientalist Commercializations: Tibetan Buddhism in American Popular Film - Eve L. Mullen (2,2)


The Passion Re-Cut: If "It Is As It Was”, Why the Redaction? - Clodagh M. Weldon (10,2)

Passion-ate Moments in the Jesus Film Genre - Adele Reinhartz (8, special issue 1)

The Path of Jihad in the Yacoubian Building - Michael Gardaz (13, 1)

Performing Selves/Performing as Self: Autobiographical Films on Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors - Jennifer Levi (3,2)

Perfumed Nightmare and Negative Experiences of Contrast: Third Cinema as Filmic Interpretation of Schillebeeck - Antonio Sison (6,1)

The Persistence of the Sacred in Baz Luhrmann's Romeo + Juliet - Christopher Baker (11, 2)

A Picture's Worth: Teaching Religion and Film - Irena S. M. Makarushka (2,3)

Picturing the Way in Why Has Bodhi-Dharma Left for the East? - Michael Gillespie (1,1)

Portraying the Quest for Buddhist Widsom?: A Comparative Study of The Matrix and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon - Geoff Baker (10,1)

Preacher, Shepherd, Judge: The Role of the Outlaw Prophet in American Film - Heather Clements (12, 2)



The Rapture: A Challenging Vision of Horror -
Carl B. Greiner (1,1)

Reassessing The Matrix/Reloaded - Julien R. Fielding. (7, 2)

Redressing Jewish Difference in Tania Modleski's Cinema and the Dark Continent - Laura Levitt (1,2)

Slamdance Film Festival Report 2010 (14, 1)

Report from Slamdance 2007: Religion in Independent Film (11, 1)

Report from Sundance 2011: Religion in Independent Film - William L. Blizek and Michele Marie Desmarais (15, 1)

Report from Sundance TwentyTen: Religion in Independent Film 2010 (14, 1)

Report from Sundance 2009: Religion in Independent Film - William L. Blizek and Michele Marie Desmarais (13, 1)

Report from Sundance 2008: Religion in Independent Film - William L. Blizek, Michele Marie Desmarais and Rubina Ramji (12, 1)

Report from Sundance 2007: Religion in Independent Film - JR & F editors, Beth Ritter and Mike Krainek (11, 1)

Report from Sundance 2006: Religion in Independent Film - JR & F Editors and Beth Ritter (10,1)

Report from Sundance 2005: Religion in Independent Film - JR & F Editors and Aby Williams (9,1)

Report from Sundance 2004: Religion in Independent Film - William L. Blizek (8,1)

Report from Sundance 2003: Religion in Indpendent Film - Elyse D. Sara (7,1)

Report from Sundance 2000:Religion in Independent Film - Greg Watkins (4,1)

Report from Sundance 1999: Religion in Independent Film- William L. Blizek (3,1)

Religion and Film: Capturing the Imagination - Gordon Matties (2,3)

Religion and Popular Movies - Conrad Ostwalt (2,3)

Religion and Violence in Popular Film - Bryan Stone (3,1)

Religion, Theology and Film in a Postmodern Age: A Response to John Lyden - Clive Marsh (2,1)

Religious Faith and Science in Contact - Bryan P. Stone (2,2)

Revisiting Violence in The Godfather: The Ambiguous Space of the Victimage Model - Paul Graham (9,2)

Ritual, Music, Sociability and Censure: Making a Film on Sufi Dhikr in Egypt - Valerie J. Hoffman (2,1)

Robot Heavens and Robot Dreams: Ultimate Reality in A.I. and Other Recent Films - Frances Flannery-Dailey (7, 2)

Robert Zemeckis's Contact as a Late-Twentieth Century Paradiso - Gregory Sadlek (5,2)

Romans, Greeks, and Jews: The World of Jesus and the Disciples - Sidnie White Crawford (8, special issue 1)

Rosetta Stone: A Consideration of the Dardenne Brothers' Rosetta - Bert Cardullo (6, 1)


The Sanctification of Fear: Images of the Religious in Horror Films - Bryan P. Stone (5,2)

Satan’s Seductress and the Apocalyptic Hero: The Body in American Apocalyptic Films at the Turn of the Century - Katherine Low (13, 2)

Screening the Silly: The Christian Iconography of Roberto Rossellini’s Francesco, giullare di Dio - Peter Doebler (15, 1)

Screening the Temptation: Interpretation and Indeterminacy in Cinematic Transformations of a Gospel Story - David B. Howell (11, 2)

Scripture on the Silver Screen - Adele Reinhartz (3,1)

Searches for the Significant: Robert Zemeckis' Cast Away as a Late Twentieth Century Response to Daniel Defoe's Robinson Crusoe - Catharine Walker Bergstrëm (9,1)

Sectarian Catholicism and Mel Gibson - Michael G. Lawler (8, special issue 1)

Seduction by Visual Image - Barbara De Concini (2,3)

Seeing and Being Seen: Distinctively Filmic & Religious Elements in Film - Greg Watkins (3,2)

Seeing Beyond the End of the World in Strange Days and Until the End of the World - Tod Linafelt and S. Brent Plate (7, 1)

Seeing with Buddha's Eyes:  Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter...and Spring - Melissa Conroy (11, 2)

Servant of the Story: Judas as Tragic Hero in Film - Kaile Shilling (8,2)

Shinto Perspectives in Miyazaki's Anime Film "Spirited Away" - James W. Boyd and Tetsuya Nishimura (8, 2)

Slamdance Film Festival 2011 - William L. Blizek and Michele Marie Desmarais (15, 1)

Slamdance Film Festival 2009 - William L. Blizek and Michele Marie Desmarais(13, 1)

Star Wars' Saving Return - Dr. John C. McDowell (13, 1)

Still Crazy: An Unsung Homage to the New Testament - Mary Ann Beavis (8,2)

Symbolic Power and Religious Impotence in Paul Verhoeven's Spetters - Richard S. Ascough (7, 2)

Superman as Christ-Figure: The American Pop Culture Movie Messiah - Anton Karl Kozlovic (6,1)

The Sweet Hereafter: Law, Wisdom and Family Revisited - Mary Ann Beavis (5,1)

Stillness in Motion: The Sleeping Man of Oguri Kohei - Linda C. Ehrlich (3,1)

The Story Behind Yakoana: an interview with Anh Crutcher - Dale Stover (3,1)

The Superhero's Mythic Journey: Death and the Heroic Cycle in Superman - Mark D. Stucky (10,2)


Twice Repressed: The Case of Ondaatje's Kip - Nikky Singh (8,1)

Teaching Field of Dreams as Cosmogonic Myth - Mara Donaldson (2,3)

Teaching Religion and Film - Paul V.M. Flesher and Robert Torry (2,3)

That "Barton Fink Feeling” and the Fiery Furnace: The Book of Daniel and Joel and Ethan Coen's Barton Fink - Matt Stefon (12, 1)

The Ties that Bind and Bless the Soul: Grace and Noir in Schrader's Light Sleeper - Jason mbrosiano (2,2)

They Call Me Joy: Philippine Protestantism as Local Culture - Brian Howell and Anthony dela Fuente (10, 2)

“This is my world!” Son of Man (Jezile) and Cross-Cultural Convergences of Bible and World - S. D. Giere (15, 1)

To Commend or To Critique? The Question of Religion and Film Studies - John Lyden (1,2)

To “Elevate Unfortunate Humanity” On-screen: Linking World War I and Protestant Missions through Silent Film - Christopher Anderson (12, 2)

Transgressing Goodness in Breaking the Waves - Irena S. M. Makarushka (2,1)

True, Valid Death Off a Movie Screen: Todd Haynes’ I’m Not There - David L. Smith (12, 2)


“The (Un)Christian Road Warrior: The Crisis of Religious Representation in The Book of Eli (2010) - James Aston and John Wallis (15, 1)

The "Unfinished Business” of Kill Bill: Cinematic Discourse In and Out of the Dark - Allen H Redmon (11, 1)

The Unholy Biblical Subtexts and Other Religious Elements Built into Superman: The Movie (1978) and Superman II (1981) - Anton Karl Kozlovic (7,1)

Using 'Homemade' Documentary Video in Religious Studies - Scott C. Alexander (1, 2)

The Ustad: Domesticating the Other from With(in/out) - Anilkumar Payyappill Vijayan (8, 1)


Visions of the End. Secular Apocalypse in Recent Hollywood Film - Conrad Ostwalt (2,1)


“What Kind of Magic is This? How Come I Can’t Help Adore You?”: Lars von Trier’s Dancer in the Dark as a Religious Film - Gilbert Yeoh (15, 1)

When Jesus was a Girl: Polymythic Female Christ Figures in Whale Rider and Steel Magnolias - David Fillingim (14, 1)

When The Master Is Not Master: The Critique of Enlightenment in Ang Lee's Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon - J. Heath Atchley (7, 2)

When the Pot Plays Potter: “Isaiah”, Toy Story and Religious Socialization by Paul Tremblay (14, 2)

Wake up!  Gnosticism and Buddhism in The Matrix - Frances Flannery-Dailey and Rachel Wagner (5,2)




The (Zen) Buddhist Heart of I ♥ Huckabees - Edwin Ng (14, 1)

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