Twice Repressed: The Case of Ondaatje's Kip

by Nikki Singh


1. Alan Stone, "Herodotus Goes to Hollywood," Boston Review. Stone mentions that Minghella brainstormed "with Zaentz and Ondaatje himself." It doesn't seem likely that Ondaatje would have consented to such a reduction of Kip's role!

2. The five K-s constitute the physical identity of the Khalsa formed by the Tenth Sikh Guru, Gobind Singh. They are Kesha, long hair; Kara, bracelet; Kaccha, drawers; Kirpan, sword; and Kangha, comb.

3. It is very curious that a Sikh would not know what to do with oil! Putting oil in the hair is a part of male and female dress up.

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