Between Chester and Capetown
Transformations of the Gospel in Son of Man by Mark Dornford-May

By Reinhold Zwick


1. Zanker, Anika. “Son of Man” – Jesus mit afrikanischen Augen. Unpublished MA-Thesis, University of Münster, Catholic Theology Faculty 2010. – I am deeply indebted to this very elaborated study, esp. regarding the structure of the movie and its connections to the Anti-Apartheid-Movement.

2. The following information, among others in this article, Dornford-May gave during his visit in Münster (Germany), where he participated in the symposium “Religion and Violence in Bible Movies”, which I organised from January 21th -23rd, 2010.

3. Cf. the textbook of the Chester Mystery Plays 2008 (excerpts in the appendix of Zanker, “Son of Man”, p. 9-27 of the appendix). For more informations on the Chester Mystery Plays. The bibliographic references on:

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