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AAR Panel on Religion & Film

Bryan Stone on Faith and Film: Theological Themes at the Cinema
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The Religion, Film and Visual Culture Group of the American Academy of Religion sponsored a panel by authors of books on religion and film at the AAR meetings in Atlanta, Georgia.

The presentations of the panelists were video taped by Lewis R. Rambo (San Francisco Theological Seminary) because he uses some of these books in his classes on religion and film and he wanted his students to be able to meet the authors of those texts. He gave the Journal of Religion and Film permission to make these presentations available to our readers.

In this issue, we make available the presentations of Bryan Stone, Boston University; Robert K. Johnston, Fuller Theological Seminary, and Richard Burridge, King's College, London. . Other panelists included S. Brent Plate and John Lyden. Their presentations were available in the last issue of JR & F.

The material was edited by Bill Blizek and Kathy Schwartz. UNO Television, Gary Repair, Michael R Pacholski and Dennis Wallen have also been instrumental in making the material available.


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