The Pursuit of D.B. Cooper

DIRECTOR:  Roger Spottiswoode COMPOSER:  James Horner, Waylon Jennings
WRITER:  J.D. Reed, Jeffrey Alan Fiskin CAST:  Robert Duvall, Treat Williams, Kathryn Harrold, Ed Flanders, Paul Gleason (I)
CINEMATOGRAPHER:  Harry Stradling Jr., Charles F. Wheeler DATE OF RELEASE:  1981
EDITOR:  Allan Jacobs (I), Robbe Roberts COUNTRY:  USA
PRODUCER:  Don Kranze, Ron Shelton, Michael Taylor (I), William Tennant, Dan Wigutow LANGUAGE:  English
PRODUCTION COMPANY:  PolyGram Filmed Entertainment (USA) RUNTIME:  100 minutes
DISTRIBUTOR:  Universal Pictures (USA) COLOR:  Color (Metrocolor)


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