The Ten Commandments 

DIRECTOR:  Cecil B. DeMille ORIGINAL MUSIC:  Paul Iribe, Hugo Riesenfeld, Milan Roder
WRITER:  Jeanie Macpherson CAST:  Theodore Roberts, Charles de Rochefort, Estelle Taylor, Julia Faye, James Neill, Lawson Butt, Clarence Burton
CINEMATOGRAPHER:  Bert Glennon, J. Peverell Marley, Archie Stout, Fred Westerberg, Ray Rennahan DATE OF RELEASE:  1923
EDITOR:  Anne Bauchens COUNTRY:  USA
PRODUCER:  Cecil B. DeMille LANGUAGE:  Silent
PRODUCTION COMPANY:  Famous Players, Famous Players-Lasky Corporation RUNTIME: 146 minutes
DISTRIBUTOR:  Paramount Pictures (USA), Continental Home Video (Brazil) COLOR:  Black and White/ Color (2-strip Technicolor)

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