The Straight Story

DIRECTOR: David Lynch ORIGINAL MUSIC: Angelo Badalamenti
WRITER: John Roach, Mary Sweeney CAST: Sissy Spacek, Jane Galloway heitz, Joseph A. Carpenter, Donald Wiegert, Richard Farnsworth, Tracey Maloney, Dan Flannery
EDITOR: Mary Sweeney COUNTRY: France/ UK/ USA
PRODUCER: Pierre Edelman, Neal Edelstein, Michael Polaire, Mary Sweeney LANGUAGE: English
PRODUCTION COMPANY: Asymmetrical Productions, Canal+, Channel Four Films, CiBy 2000, Les Films alain Sarde, The Picture Factory, The Straight Story Inc., Walt Disney Pictures RUNTIME: 112 minutes
DISTRIBUTOR: Buena Vista Pictures, Atalanta Filmes, Bac Films, Buena Vista International (Australia), Channel Four Films, Constantin-Filmverleigh, Frenetic Films, Senator Film, Walt Disney Home Video, Asociace Ceských Filmových Klubu (ACFK), BIM Distribuzione, Comstock, Eurocine, Gutek Film, First Distributors, Walk Disney Home Video, Imagem Filmes, Kommunenes Filmcentral (KF), United King Films COLOR: Color
  CERTIFICATION: Italy:T | Iceland:L | Argentina:Atp | Australia:G | Canada:F (Ontario) | Canada:G (Alberta/British Columbia/Manitoba/Québec) | Canada:PG (Nova Scotia) | Chile:TE | Finland:S | France:U | Germany:o.Al. | Hong Kong:I | Ireland:G | New Zealand:G | Norway:A | Portugal:M/12 | Singapore:PG | South Korea:All | Spain:T | Sweden:Btl | Switzerland:7 (canton of Geneva) | Switzerland:7 (canton of Vaud) | UK:U | USA:G

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