The Great Dictator

DIRECTOR:  Charles Chaplin COMPOSER:  Meredith Wilson, Charles Chaplin
WRITER: Charles Chaplin CAST:  Charles Chaplin, Paulette Goddard, Jack Oakie, Reginald Gardiner, Henry Daniell, Billy Gilbert, Grace Hayle, Carter DeHaven
CINEMATOGRAPHER:  Karl Struss, Roland Totheroh DATE OF RELEASE:  1940
PRODUCER:  Charles Chaplin, Carter DeHaven LANGUAGE: English/ Esperanto
PRODUCTION COMPANY:  Charles Chaplin Productions RUNTIME:  124 minutes
DISTRIBUTOR:  United Artists, Columbia PIctures, Spectrum, CBS/ Fox Home Video, Image Entertainment, Playhouse Home Video/ Key Video/ CBS/ Fox/ MK2 Diffusion/ BFI (Collections)/ Creative Design/ Warner Home Video/ Asociace Ceských Filmových Klubu (ACFK) / BIM Distribuzione/ Continental Home Video/ Lupe/ Vivarto COLOR:  Blair and White
  CERTIFICATION:  Germany:6 (DVD rating) / South Korea:All / Brazil:Livre / UK:U (original rating) / Argentina:Atp / Australia:G / Canada:G (Quebec) / Canada:PG / Chile:TE / Denmark:7 (2003) / Finland:K-12 / Finland:S (re-release) / France:U / Germany:(Banned) (original rating) / Ireland:(Banned) (original rating) / Ireland:PG (re-rating) / Norway:7 / Spain:(Banned) (1940-1976) / Spain:T (re-rating) (1976) / Sweden:Btl / UK:PG (re-rating) (2003) / USA:Approved (original rating) / USA:G (re-rating) (1972) / West Germany:12 (original rating)


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