The Thirteenth Floor

DIRECTOR:  Josef Rusnak COMPOSER:  Harald Kloser Thomas Wanker
WRITER:  Josef Rusnak, Daniel F. Galouye, Ravel Centeno-Rodriguez CAST:  Vincent D'Onofrio, Craig Bierko, Gretchen Mol, Bob Clendenin
CINEMATOGRAPHER: Wedigo von Schultzendorff DATE OF RELEASE: 1999
EDITOR:  Henry Richardson COUNTRY:  Germany/USA
PRODUCER:  Helga Ballhaus, Roland Emmerich, Kelly Van Horn, Michael Ballhaus, Ute Emmerich, Marco Weber  LANGUAGE:  English
PRODUCTION COMPANY: Centropolis Film Productions RUNTIME:  100 minutes
DISTRIBUTOR: Columbia Pictures (USA), Jugendfilm-Verleih GmbH (Germany), Columbia TriStar Films (France), Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc. (Japan), Columbia TriStar Films de España, S. A. (Spain), Sony Pictures Entertainment (USA), Columbia TriStar (USA) COLOR:  Color (CFI)

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