Michael L. Gillespie

Mike Gillespie was born and raised in Everett, Washington, then a milltown on Puget Sound, from which the Olympic Mountains are visible every day. He earned a B. A. from Whitman College, where he discovered philosophy and literature as aspects of life. He studied philosophy at Southern Illinois University, emphasizing the history of philosophy, European philosophy, and philosophy of art.

Since coming to the University of Nebraska at Omaha over twenty-five years ago, Gillespie has taught widely in philosophy, especially where he could learn most from his students and develop his conviction that philosophy is most itself when in contact with everyday life, other areas of study, and other traditions and cultures. His most important teaching interests have been in critical reasoning, history of philosophy, philosophy of art, the humanities, recent European philosophy, and environmental philosophy. His present research interests include reflective teaching and learning, the use of images in contemporary global culture, and the importance of place in responding to the deepening environmental crisis.

Gillespie has had a lively interest in the interconnections of higher education and the surrounding community, especially education. For over a decade, for instance, he was involved in "Prairie Visions," a Nebraska-wide project to enhance the teaching of art in public and parochial schools. He has won a number of awards for his work in art education.

Gillespie is currently at work investigating broad theories of representation in relation to art and religion and in revising (with his co-teachers) a new team-taught course introducing the humanities called "The Power of Images." He was asked to present a paper on "Images in Film" at the 1997 International Conference of the American Academy of Religion in San Francisco. He lives in Washington state with his wife Diane They have a son Gannon, and daughter Gemma.

Gillespie retired as professor emeritus in May 2002 and now devotes his time to his pursuits in Washington state.

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