Clive Marsh

Clive Marsh studied at the Universities of Wales (Bangor), Tubingen, and Oxford.  His doctoral studies, on the theology of Albrecht Ritschl, included three months at the Lutheran School at Chicago. 

After three years in chaplaincy and youth work, he became a lecturer in Christian theology, first (1989-1995) at the Wilson Carlile College (Sheffield, England), then (1995-2000) at the College of Ripon and York (England).  He is now Secretary of the Faith and Order Committee of the Methodist Church in Great Britain. 

He has maintained a foothold in New Testament studies by keeping up to date in Historical Jesus Research, and this links with a particular interest in Christology.  His main concern is to explore how Christian theology works, given its complex place within many different cultures.  His interest in theology and film has grown out of this. 

He has published Albrecht Ritschl and the Problem of the Historical Jesus (Edwin Mellen, 1992), Explorations in Theology and Film (Blackwell, 1997, co-edited with Gaye Ortiz), Methodism and the Future (Cassell, 1999, co-edited with Jane Craske) and Jesus and the Gospels (Cassell, 1999, co-written with Steve Moyise.  A substantial volume in Christology, Christ in Particular: The Place of Jesus in Christian Thought and Practice, is to appear in 2001.

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