Linda Mercadante

Linda Mercadante is B. Robert Straker Professor of Theology at The Methodist Theological School in Ohio. She has been using film in her teaching for some fourteen years now, since graduating from Princeton, and wishes she had started publishing in this area sooner!

In 1999 she was the Visiting Scholar at the University of Edinburgh (Scotland) in their Media and Theology program. That year she also spent time consulting with the Social Communication Program at The Gregorian University in Rome.

She frequently leads film discussion groups in order to engage people in reflection upon religion, values, and culture. Her theological work is in the areas of victimization, gender, addiction, sin and evil, imagery for God, and the Shakers.

Besides many articles, her books include: Victims & Sinners: Spiritual Roots of Addiction and Recovery (Westminster/John Knox Press, 1996); Gender, Doctrine, and God: The Shakers and Contemporary Theology (Abingdon Press, 1990) and From Hierarchy to Equality (GMH Books, 1978).

Here is a more complete listing of her  works. You can email Dr. Mercadante.

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