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Dr. Anton Karl Kozlovic has a B.A. [Social Sciences], B.Ed., Dip.Ed. [Secondary] (Adelaide), B.A. [Humanities] (Deakin), Grad.Dip.Ed.(Rel.Ed.) (S.A.C.A.E.), Grad.Dip.Media (A.F.T.R.S.), M.Ed.Studies, M.Ed., M.A., Ph.D. (Flinders), Tutor Training Program (Flinders), Advanced Electrical Safety Training Program (Flinders). T.A.F.E. certificates in: Apprentice Education (Electrical Fitter/Mechanic), Trade Competency (Electrical Fitter), Radio Servicing, Automotive Basic Trade Theory, Supervision (Industrial & Office), Personnel Studies, Business (Public Service) and Certificate IV (Assessment and Workplace Training). He is a Research Associate in Screen Studies, School of Humanities, Flinders University (Adelaide, Australia) who is interested in the areas of Religion-and-Film, Interreligious Dialogue, Cecil B. DeMille Studies, Computer Films, Popular Culture, Applied Cinema and the New Age.

Anton has published academic articles in Americana: E-Journal of American Studies in Hungary, Australian eJournal of Theology, Australian Religion Studies Review, Belphegor: Popular Literature and Media Culture, Bright Lights Film Journal, CLCWeb: Comparative Literature and Culture: A WWWeb Journal, Colloquium: The Australian and New Zealand Theological Review, Comparative Islamic Studies, Compass: A Review of Topical Theology, Counterpoints: The Flinders University Online Journal of Interdisciplinary Conference Papers, Dialogue & Alliance: A Journal of the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace, Dialogue Australasia: A Journal for Teachers of Religious and Values Education, Echoing the Word, European Journal of American Studies, Journal for the Renewal of Religion and Theology, Effective Teaching, Journal of Beliefs & Values, Journal of Christian Education, Journal of Contemporary Religion, Journal of Men, Masculinities and Spirituality, Journal of Mundane Behavior, Journal of Media and Religion, Journal of Religion and Popular Culture, Journal of Religious Education, Journal of Theology for Southern Africa, Kinema: A Journal for Film and Audiovisual Media, Kritikos: An International and Interdisciplinary Journal of Postmodern Cultural Sound, Text and Image, Labyrinth: An International Journal for Philosophy, Feminist Theory and Cultural Hermeneutics, Latent Image: A Student Journal of Film Criticism, Marburg Journal of Religion, McMaster Journal of Theology and Ministry, Metaphilm, Nebula: A Journal of Multidisciplinary Scholarship, Nowa Fantastyka, Opinion: Journal of the South Australian English Teachers Association, Organdi Quarterly/Organdi: Culture, Creation, Criticism, Pointers: Bulletin of the Christian Research Association, Quodlibet: Online Journal of Christian Theology and Philosophy/Quodlibet Journal, Reconstruction: Studies in Contemporary Culture, Religious Education Journal of Australia, Science as Culture, Scriptura: International Journal of Bible, Religion and Theology in Southern Africa, Sincronia: A Journal for the Humanities and Social Sciences, Spirituality, Teaching Sociology, The Esoteric Quarterly, The Film Journal, The Furrow: A Journal for the Contemporary Church, The Journal of Religion and Film, Theological Education, Trames: Journal of the Humanities and Social Sciences, 24 Frames Per Second, Velox: Critical Approaches to Contemporary Film, and Women in Judaism: A Multidisciplinary Journal.

Anton’s book reviews have been published in Australian Religion Studies Review, Journal of Men, Masculinities and Spirituality, Journal of Religion and Popular Culture, Kinema: A Journal for Film and Audiovisual Media, On Dit, Reconstruction: Studies in Contemporary Culture and Scope: An On-line Journal of Film Studies. His book chapters and critical entries have been published in Kino Lekow (Haltof, M. ed., 1992) [in Polish], The Wallflower Critical Guide to Contemporary North American Directors (Allon, Y., Cullen, D., & Patterson, H. eds., 2001), Sex, Religion, Media (Claussen, D. S. ed., 2002), II. Uluslar Arasi Dini Yayinlar Kongresi. Tebligler-Muzakereler 05-07 Kasim 2004, Ankara (2005) [in Turkish], Cyber Worship in Multifaith Perspectives (Taher, M. ed., 2006) and the Encyclopedia of Religion and Film (Mazur, E. M. ed., 2011). He was Guest Editor for the special issue “Exploring Religion and Popular Film” for the Australian Religion Studies Review (2008, vol. 21, no. 3) and is a multiple contributor to the ongoing multi-volume Encyclopedia of the Bible and its Reception (Walter de Gruyter) and the forthcoming Bible and Cinema: 50 Key Films (Reinhartz, A. ed).

Anton lives and works in Adelaide, South Australia and can be contacted via or




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